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Khudoes and Khongrats to them fur their efFURts!

We need more kind and loving souls like that!



Two of the best dogs we have had were rescued. Charlie had his issues....separation anxiety = destruction, but he was loyal,loved us and was our old boy for 8 years. Penelope has issues too, but she has settled in nicely and only eats deer poop on the weekends now. She is our old girl and the best couch potato ever.

Anne Good

In my opinion finding a rescue dog is the only way to go.


people that run those puppy mills should do life in prison..no exceptions

Hudson and Mary Jo

What a fabulous post about helping dogs through rescues. Most of these rescues will work diligently with you and find you the perfect dog. If you want a puppy you might have to wait but they will eventually find you one. If you look up dog rescues in your area you can always find a specific breed rescuer if thats what you want as well. So many circumstances land a dog in a rescuers arms: maybe the owner died and no family member can take the dog, or a college student impulsively got a dog and within a short time figures out they can't handle it etc...If the dog ends up in a kill shelter which is the majority of them 70% of them will be euthanized before they can find it a forever home. Sad stastistics!!!

Karina A.

I couldn't agree with you more -- it's a very rewarding experience. We adopted a Pekingese from a puppy mill operation and there hasn't been a day where "G" (we named him after his stud code) doesn't express how thankful he's that we got him out of that horrible place. An adopted dog from a shelter is one thing (we have one) but a rescued pal is a completely different experience. We feel blessed to have him as part of our family.

Saint Lover

4 of my 6 dogs are rescues. It is very rewarding knowing I stepped up to the plate for them when no one else would.


Those pups are lucky to have such a good human pack.

 the three dog blogger

The poor thing.

Jan, you make a very good point. I truly believe that if possible a rescue Dog should be the first port of call. There can be problems I know but to think of the number of Dogs in pounds is just horrible.


Both of my dogs are rescues who just happened to be purebreds. Coco came with a particular set of fears but the years have had most of them drop away. I sometimes wonder about their past lives but for the most part am just so grateful to have them in my life.

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