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just where the hell did he think the dog was?...jeez...
poor baby..


That is sad, skhary, and heartwarming -

It reminded my mom of some stories where humans furgot their kids in their vehikhles -

Tank woo fur sharing!

PeeEssWoo: I always knew wooo were feisty little sorts!

Tom and Icy

Opening cans and car doors has always been a challenge.

jan's funny farm

Thanks for sharing the story. It's a wonder the dog survived. Wonder what they mean by the dog is not available for adoption, although he is in a foster home.

How does one forget there's a dog in the vehicle -- and at the airport? One doesn't take a plane on the spur of the moment.


I can't believe Mr. Bellon was only fined $100? I would have neutered him so he couldn't reproduce!!!!
Hope Michou finds someone who will love him as much as I do my girls!


I'm guessing that the foster family will keep him but there may be legal issues since the perp will be paying the bills. I can't imagine how he could have forgotten the dog was in the car when he got out of it.


only fined $100? that person deserves a much harsher penalty! you have to know where your dog is. that's a ridiculous excuse.

I'm glad the dog is okay and NOT going back to that bad owner.


What a creep! Thank goodness Michou will be ok!


Just because people can give birth to children doesn't mean they should is a corollary to the premise that just because people can own pets doesn't mean they should.


I can't imagine not knowing where my pet was for more than maybe an hour, not to mention 19 days! This is insane.

 the three dog blogger

I'm amazed the Dog survived for so long, incredible.

How could he not know the Dog was in the Car? If he really didn't know then where did he think it was?

A $100 fine is ridiculous.


An amazing dog and a stupid turd of a human. How can fly away without making arrangements for someone to take care of your dog?

Hudson and Mary Jo

I'll never forget when I was about 10 years old walking in the woods in my neighborhood to find my neighbors small poodle frozen to the ground within 100 yards of their house in the dead of winter. I was scared to death and took forever to get over seeing that poor thing who froze to death in the middle of the winter with its mouth open. It was their beloved pet who when my family told them where it was they were so sad but such a tragedy. Mary Jo and Hudson

Hudson and Mary Jo

A temporary brain freeze I can excuse but for that length of time. The owner doesn't deserve the privlege of canine companionship. As for not adopting the poor guy out, the state probably doesn't want to be overwhelmed with people trying to adopt this courageous dog yet. The state can remove any animal it feels is put in danger of surviving. Thank God.....

lola smiles

Sadly, Quebec has very slack 'animal cruelty laws'. There are so many unanswered questions to this story. How did Mr. Bellon forget he had a dog in his car? Did US Customs NOT remind him? Did he sneak the dog in ? Bleh! People suck.

gus louie and callie

That is so sad but great in the same breath. We are so glad that he was found and that his owner no longer has him..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


What strength that little dog must have. What a turd he (had) for an owner. I hope he finds a new home with loving owners!


That is my thought...if he didn't know he was in the car....WHERE did he think the dog was? that is just heartbreaking...but good in the end that the dog is better...


He drove to the airport without knowing there was a dog in the car? Hard to believe.


My heart breaks at stories like this. Thank goodness he survived the ordeal. Such a brave little heart.


What a gut wrenching story, that poor furry baby. Thank god he survived!

Lynn Sinclair

The man is obviously short a few dog biscuits, but I don't believe for a moment that he intentionally left his dog in the car -- I mean, even if he didn't love his pet, surely he wouldn't want the smell of a dead animal in his car.


I can understand that a dog might sneak into a car when you're not looking and not know it's there. I had a dog who'd get in any chance she could. BUT why wouldn't the person who was suppose to take care of the dog not know it was missing? The story doesn't add up. Glad he will be okay.

Levi's mom


OK call me stupid or what. If I go on a trip or am gone longer than two hours during the day I have someone taking care of my dogs. What the heck. Neuter him is too nice. Make him stay in a van for 19 days no food or water.

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