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I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and love some good southern fried venison. I used to cook a mean plate of it myself. Would really lose some weight if I had to actually hunt, kill and dress one for my supper. I hung up my hunting license back in the 70's.

Dan W

Venison rocks! But having seen what hitting a deer will do to a car, I think I'd rather shoot them than get the meat by scrapping it off my bumper...


i don't want to shoot bambi or bambi's mama..but even i know there has to be hunting and there are enough of them out there to keep the deer population down.


People under estimate the importance of game management when it comes to the deer herds. It's much kinder to have a hunting season in the fall so that deer don't starve in mass in the winters. Animal rights people will argue that we could feed them instead of kill them, but we can't even feed all the hungry people in the world, how are we going to feed deer herds when they over populate their food supplies? Game management produces healthier herds, too.


This post is very timely. Twice in the past week I have spotted deer roaming down our street. Our residence backs on to the prairie, to I can somewhat see this happening... but I always worry about them traveling in a little deeper and the busy traffic a mere block away.

gus, louie and callie

It is about time those people realize that the population has to be controlled..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


I think wildlife management is difficult for most to understand that live in urban areas. Great post!


As much as I don't like hunting, I totally understand its value. The deer are everywhere when I drive to Wisconsin. They are a big hazard. There are so many dead deer in the roads every fall.


I grew up in a rural state in the east that went through a similar problem with deer herd control. One solution was to withdraw the bounty on bobcats and list them as a protected species.

The other was to restore the hunting season. Most urbanites and PETA nuts don't understand wildlife management in the least. Thanks for the post.

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