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Jan's funny farm

Well, that's gotta be a first!

Tom and Icy

Yes. Icy said her cousins stink so good! You'd be red-faced, too, if your poodles kept farting in public.

the three dog blogger

He does look a little embarrassed doesn't he?

Very odd story though.

Lynn Sinclair

How very ... strange. It must've been stressful for the the poor fox.


Gee, I wonder why he declined to give his full name...


What a strange little story. I'm glad it had a good outcome for the fox.

Levi's mom

Steve Bartlett

Anyone remember John Cleese's TV series Fawlty Towers, and the episode where Manuel bought a "Siberian Hamster"? Life imitates art.

Saint Lover

Where in the world did you find that story! Talk about crazy. I'd have a hard time thinking I had a dog when in fact i had a fox... bizarre. thanks for the giggle.


I can see how someone could make that mistake. But seriously, what is up with that guy's face? Haha.


I may not be the smartest knife in the drawer, but even I know the difference between a fox and a cat...


Oh my goodness!! Good thing, for both the fox and Zhang, that the truth came out.


With the things they do to the food in china, it may have very well been a dog at one point who was mutated to a fox after it ate their pet food :-)

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