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Great idea for the animal s. Love the flying dog pic, cool!!!


I hope they have special biscuits for their passengers!

I think this is a great thing. Too many dogs or other pets go through real emotional trauma and even death being carried in the cargo hold. But I imagine it will be expensive, making it out of reach for many of us.


Well, it sounds like a better choice than Air Canada, if you are flying your pet somewhere.


Oh yeah....the only way to fly!!!!!!Bout time they did something like that!


The pets fly on a plane alone? I wouldn't want my pet being away from me and possibly be sent to Schenectady when I'm going to Cape Cod. There must be a better way.


I swear right after I read your story on the canadian airlines i thought someone should have a pet airlines..im a fecking genius.

jan's funny farm

Hate to imagine what they will charge for this, but it's about time some company did something about treating living creatures as inanimate baggage!

Dog Blog


I wish I was a doggy so I could go on the people free doggy airline too!

If I dress up like a dog, can I come just one time please?


This sounds like a fabulous idea! I am hoping it is a huge success and that the idea moves on up to include Canada.


So when are they gonna invent an airline where people can travel with their pets??? I mean, my German Shepherd won't exactly fit under the seat so I can't take him as carry on... And I can't deal with the idea of any of my dogs as luggage anyway. Maybe something with seats on one side of the aisle and kennels on the other? Is that too much to ask?

Kimberly Cox Carneal

This is great news for pet owners. I only wish they flew or were planning to fly to more places sooner. I am moving to Hawaii this spring and I am terrified of sending my beloved beagle as cargo. To avoid it, I've even considered the not-inexpensive alternative of chartering a flight from San Francisco to the Big Island, after driving the two of us across the country.
Anyone got any ideas?

Patricia Brackett

I think that this is a wonderful idea! I wish that we lived near a airport that I could use this type of service.
I do wish there was a airline that you could fly with your pet, they have a seat and you have a seat!!
I would love to work for a airline like this. Are they in need of a pet attendant?????

Elvie Weir

Wonderful idea, are you going to open RT from MCO TO ORF ?

Airline miles

I saw the photos, it's cute...i love dogs like this...I just wish someday i have a dog looks like this.... thank you .


This is not what most pet owners want to subject their pets to, but they have had no other choice, until now.

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