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Saint Lover

hahaha! Good luck with those "resolutions"


Number 4 needs an edit! Ya got park instead of bark?

Tom and Icy

That is really funny. I am just glad my dog and cat get along so very well.

The Social Puppy

I love it. What a perfect way to start the new year. I especially love the cat # 1.


Haha! That is so funny. My favorite is the very last one about the dogs dragging the cat around just to hear "really cool noises"! Haha!

happy new year!


That cat looks like the old housecat we had when I was much younger. He was a former street cat so forget resolutions. He did what he wanted. I was the victim of his unretracted claws more than once. My wife remembers when we'd stay with my parents that if our baby got up in the middle of the night and she had to run the can opener to open a can of formula, that cat thought it was dinnertime--never mind it was 2 in the morning.

Our old Doogie seldom barked. He'd have no problem with those resolutions.


they lie


Wow, I'm going to post the doggie resolutions near Levi's food dish and hope he memorizes 1 through 9. We don't have a cat for number 10 so I'm substituting 'I will not pull my dad's socks off while he's sleeping.'

Leiv's mom


These are sensible resolutions that I think we can all benefit from..
Happy new Year Jan!


LOL!! Love this. Happy New Year!


Umm....barking at nothing should be included as well as barking at TV doorbells. You're welcome, Mimi

cat hair on the doggie bed is nasty....makes me wonder if the cats lay there when we are not looking. Violet

 the three dog blogger

Sounds like a madhouse at times.

Our Cat does number five whenever he bothers to turn up.
I keep telling them all it's not what they are supposed to be doing. "Where is your dignity you daft animals." They just cuddle up and ignore me!


haha good lists! Sadly I do not think my kitty will ever stop doing #13 - Playing psycho cat from hell when I am put into the cat carrier only annoys the humans and amuses the dogs.


nice list.

thats how its supposed to be!

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