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he attack the french ambassador? they should give the dog a medal of honor.


French ambassadors and liberal reporters--dogs have better sense than the average voter--at least this time around.


any dog that bites a french guy is a-ok in my book.


That's interesting about Teddy Roosevelt having so many dogs. He's my husband's favorite historical president. I'll be sure to tell him about this.

Levi's mom


Ha, that dog must've been quite a handful. It's funny to hear about the story now.


At least they didn't hide Pete in the basement like the Clintons did with Socks and then foist him off on the secretary when they left the White House. Poor Socks was just a Clintonian prop.

saint lover

No wonder the French hate us so much... lol


Well I hope Pete got his rabies shots after he bit the French dude.

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