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bill emory

I hate to say it, but that is a cool looking dog. If I took that dog for a walk, I would have babes hanging all over me.


The poodle's "costume" looks better than its masters'.


one comment on two posts.....never underestimate the little ones...poodles are beautiful even with nipple things hanging from their persons blouse.


There's a poodle in that picture?


if my pitty bull dog nate looked like that he would have commited doggie suicide


I dunno, there's something kinda alluring about the peasant look


Oh, my mistake it's a pirate costume not a peasant costume.
I dunno, there's something kinda alluring about a woman in a pirate costume....

Tom and Icy

Poor poodles. They go through heck to get their treats.


I like that dog! What a beauty!


That is just ... wrong.


Last night (Halloween) was the first time I noticed some dogs in costume in our neighborhood. None of them wanted treats though.


All that fur can come in handy.

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

If I squint, I am sure the poodle is Johnny Depp!!!!


Wow! I haven't spent that much time on my own hair since junior high! Much less my dogs...


I hate to admit this.. but I like the colouring.

Saint Lover

That's great!

Puppies dot com

I'm looking for pet Halloween costume ideas. Please send your ideas, comments, and photos http://www.puppies-dot-com.com/blog/pet-halloween-costume-photos/

Marilyn Wilson

I just can't get into the idea of dressing dogs up in costumes
I do have other ideas for Halloweeen - read my blog at

Semper Fido,

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