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This is too cute for words. And to think I thought our pups were special when they played keep away with soccer balls!


sounds like he should play with the oakland raiders instead of the bears.


What is it with doggies and destroying balls? Violet shreds tennis balls used in her thwacker.....she only fetches for a while then chews them into pieces.

Saint Lover

Awesome... Apollo isn't the only loony dog that does this. He will toss tennis balls backwards all day at the park unless i pick it up and throw them for him. He tosses it further and further the more excited and irritated at me he gets.


What's the penalty for chewing up the football during the game?
You just know there'd be a flag on the play.


And someone would undoubtedly challenge the ruling on the field and go to instant replay.

Tom and Icy

Icy says she could beat him at volleyball!


How is he on long snaps? Our high school football team could use a long snapper.

My in-law's dog was a great soccer player in his time. We would be playing in the backyard when all of a sudden he would rush in and push the ball with his nose across the field. He could even head the ball in the air if the ball got up there.


So cute! What a special dog!!

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