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Interesting! How do they ever carry enough food along for the sled dogs when they make those long trips?


These dogs just are so amazing. I remember reading about a man with a team of standard poodles that had competed in the Iditarod. I did a post on it once on my old Wordpress Blog. You can see a photo of Missy-Moo in training if you go to the 7th photo of this post http://ynot60.blogspot.com/2008/09/missy-moo.html.


Wow! That is very interesting Jan. You have some of the most interesting posts on the blog roll my dear!!!!
What about the Sled Poodles? Wonder if they have the “athletic armor” ?

Saint Lover

Wow I had no idea they could consume that many calories... I knew they were super fit and had unbelievable endurance. Learn something new every day :)


Jean: They also have checkpoints along the route for food, sleeping and veterinarian care.

Jimmy: Thanks for the kind words. I think Poodles just have all sorts of athletic armor.

Saint Lover: In the world of dogs, there is always something amazing.


Super dogs!


This is a super interesting post! But what can I say that hasn't already been said? I agree with everyone's comments! Wow!


You´ll find John Suter and his Iditarod poodles here: http://home.gci.net/%7Epoodlesleddog

Regards from Carola, Finland


we have a little Idaho sled team here in sandpoint....they use one of our close by roads to practice.....the dogs are not "sled" dogs but just regular dogs....but way cool to watch.


damn, i should have been born a sled dog.


Thanks for the great post. I usually do a series when the Iditarod is bein' run. Not surprisingly, a coupla' "pet" sites on my blogroll are real anti-racin' and hordes of ignorant comments--usually of the "poor-widdle-doggies" type--flood their posts. (And they almost had a collective aneurysm over the Kentucky Derby.) Wish people would actually do some research before condemnin' animal-related sports.

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Thanks for the Iditarod stuff! I love reading about dog racing. (Watching it too when I get a chance, although your feet sure tend to get cold.)


Crazy. I guess they were just built for endurance. I don't know a whole lot about sled dog racing, as far as how long they are able to run, how often they stop to eat, etc. I would like to watch a race sometime.

lola smiles

I'm amazed re: the food intake. Great story.


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Thanks for the really cute article. They are really cool dogs!

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