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my granddaughter has a maltese and she thinks she's a pitty bull dog..ferocious little thing..


that's pretty interesting. i had no idea that those dogs and humans had agents or talent scouts to get them on the show.


Loved this interview!! The few times that I managed to see the show, I was always very impressed with both Laurie & Andrew. Even though I am a owner and lover of smaller breeds, Andrew's calm and obedient demur surprised me more than once. :-).

Sara Jennings

Laurie and Andrew should have won. He was obviously the greatest american dog even though he was little. And Laurie is a great example of the way to train a dog with intelligence and positive reinforcement, not fear and yelling. And definitely not spraying water in their faces.


Laurie and Andrew entered the competition with exactly the right spirit and attitude.
They are both winners indeed!


Wow, great interview. And I say this being a former reporter myself. So many times people are guarded with their comments, but obviously your subject here spoke with honesty. Kudos.


Wow!!! Elephant vs Maltese, I'd be scared of a big misplaced foot... squish. I wish we had this show here in Tasmania. There was one once similar in Australia called Bark Off, kinda like a doggie survivor


Laurie, you are first class my dear! You and Andrew are winners for life!


What an interesting interview! I've always think Maltese are so adorable. By the way, I have an award for you. Thank you for always sharing on all the wonderful posts.


I enjoyed the interview. I'm glad you were able to contact Laurie! I also didn't know that most of the contestants were contacted initially by talent scouts. I was hoping they were just typical dog owners.

Saint Lover

Great Interview... I really liked Laurie and her relationship with Andrew.


Andrew was a downright boring dog. He was trained, but trained to cling to Laurie at all times. If she wasn't there, the dog was less than obedient. That's why they didn't win, and I think it was fair.

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