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Lynn Sinclair

It's no surprise that I love the rescued kittens story. Hurrah for Napoleon!


Weight problem or not, that is definately worthy of a steak or two!

Saint Lover

Awesome save! It still shocks me how callous some people can be... just tossing a bag full of kittens or puppies in the water is beyond me!


Yet one more reason to love bulldogs! I am not at all surprised he rescued the kittens. And good for the police dog too. Though he might have done better to rescue some drowning kittens.


when my kids took our dog bill to the lake he kept jumping in the water and trying to bring them to shore..he would grab their jeans or arm and tug them to shore..he freaked out..took the longest to get him to understand that they didn't need rescuing...

Tom and Icy

It's so true that dogs are natural swimmers, like when Icy was tossed in the lake, she swam like a champ. And she got even when she got out and shook.


What a hero Napoleon is! Lucky for the kitties in the bag


Two very good dogs. And 4 very lucky kittens. I say steaks for everybody! :-)


Steaks and belly rubs are in order for both of those brave dogs!


Wow, it's amazing that that bulldog rescued those kittens. What a great dog! It's crazy what they are able to recognize.

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