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i think the money would be better spent by making a rescue organization in his name and then fixing dogs, feeding them and taking care of them when people toss them...


I would love to hear this choir. Just as a side note.. my Sadie has a lovely voice and often sings for us. :-)


A canine choir! How wonderful! Swansea Jack was a hero for rescuing 27 drowning people then!

Tom and Icy

Wonder if they perform best during a full moon.


Just like Klingons ;-)


I've known some dogs possessed of wonderful voices.
This should be good!

Gus Louie and Callie

That is a wonderful tribute. It is great that he is be remembered for his great heroics!!

K9 Amiga

this, i would love to hear. im thinking it would be very cool to have a doorbell that when rang, set off a choir of dogs


If he's just now auditioning the dogs, will he have time to get them up to recording performance level by October fifth?

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