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I didn't know the history behind Hush Puppy's name. How interesting. Basset hounds are really adorable!

Tom & Icy

Well, I never put all those things together to see the metaphors. I knew what the food, hush puppies, was, but I didn't realize it got it's name from feeding pups to quiet them. And I have always heard the expression about tired feet: my dogs are barking. That was interesting how they developed their name and how powerful a metaphor can be. I guess Buster Brown soothed his barking dog, too.


Thanks. I didn't know the story behind hush puppies.


oh yes, i remember hush puppies...and then they came out with a desert boots style of hush puppies..a-hole #1 had about a doz pair in every color they made..


Thanks for the interesting history lesson on Hush Puppies! I love your posts! BTW, I saw this TV show (something on the Food Network) and some guy was saying that his favourite food was fried fish and Hush Puppies. I was like, "What on earth!?!?!" I didn't know there was a dish named "Hush Puppies" too.

Saint Lover

I totally remember going to the hush puppies store when I was a kid. I loved going there. The manager at the one we went to had a real live basset hound that he would keep behind the sales counter (that was the 70's) and I loved petting him.


From a marketing perspective, it doesn't make a ton of sense that a sad image actually helps sell....except for the fact that the sad image is a dog....animals always sell!


Aw, no wonder those shoes sold so well with a cute mascot like that. I never knew the story behind the Hush Puppies shoes, but I sure knew the kind of dog used in its advertising. I've never eaten the food hush puppies, either. They sound really gross, but I can't knock them until I've tried them!


This is a great post! Very interesting. Where did you ever dig up all this stuff? Sullivan, Indiana is south of the Mason-Dixon line.

K9 Amiga

i love your forays into history. i remember being very concerned when i first ate hushpuppies. same with rootbeer : )


I think I knew all of the different elements of that story, but I had never heard the whole thing put together. But it did bring back fond memories of wearing Hush Puppies in the 60's. They really were comfortable shoes. Maybe I should start looking for a pair.


Loved the story of the origin of the Hush Puppies. Such a lovable little guy.

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