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Tom & Icy

I wondered about that. It seems that larger dogs have more pups, as you say, but smaller dogs live longer, a little bit.


i just hope all of those puppies live. sometimes in a large litter like that they can be too small to survive.

i've also got to wonder why the dogs were intact if they didn't intend to breed them. why not get them neutered/spayed and avoid the temptation?


Yeah, that makes me mad when people say they didn't intend for their dog to get pregnant. So irresponsible.


So Magnum is named for the P.I. guy. For some odd reason, an image of Tom Selleck playing a gay guy in that move In & Out came to mind. I think we can put to rest any image of this Magnum being gay. He's a masculine beast!


oh crap i bet that hurt


Damm..Does Charlie have enough teats to go around?
Sorry..It's the first thing I thought of.

lola smiles

that's going to be one tired mama.

Saint Lover

WOAH!! That a HUGE litter! That poor gal must have been absolutely exhausted.


Oh my goodness.. here's hoping all the pups do well.


Congrats to Charlie & Magnum. They deserve a couple of T-bones! On second thought, Charlie deserves two.


When I was a kid my next door neighbor's dalmatian had 12 puppies in a litter. Sadly, only 5 survived. My neighbor's decided to never breed her again (too traumatic) and had her spayed.

Std.Poodle Breeder

Wow@ The most we've had is 15....14 survived!

suzanne tovey

I am new to this blog business but I just wondered if any of you are into showing your dogs or having them shown for you? thanx suzi


Anyone heard of an all male litter? My dog only had 7 pups, but all were male!

Goldendoodle Lover

On March 27, 2009. My standard poodle (female) and golden retriever(male) ...."Goldendoodle"
Had 16 live puppies. Whelping started about noon and she had her last puppy at 6:30 pm.
The puppies are beautiful!!




How about a miniature poodle with 6 puppies ALL FEMALE

Angela Guy

My female toy poodle just had 8 puppies dec 4, its amazing how fast they are growing,

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