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Glad to hear you are all better now. I'm sure your surgeon meant 'curvaceous and shapely'! Most likely he didn't do too well in English eh?

gus and Louie

Jan, We found this website and we just had to share it with you.. This organization is sending cooling vests to dogs in Iraq.. check it out



Good to hear that you're making progress and are on the road to "big fat thighs". lol. I know the doctor meant well.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, one of the Indian doctors that worked next door to our office congratulated me by saying, "May your child be a big one". He meant well too... I think.


You are so right... hospitals are not fun places. Thank you for posting this update. I have been wondering but did not want to ask. I am so relieved to learn that all is going well.
And if big fat thighs are a sign of good health.. I must be on the right track. :-)


Hey, Jan, glad to hear you're feeling better, and that you've got a supportive family around you. Oh, and congrats on the upcoming "big fat thighs" ..... I think. ;)


i have found hospitals a place that is ready for you to croak...and 99% of the nurses are angels, the other one percent are trying to help you get ready to die..
glad your doing so much better and looking forward to pictures of the fat thighs..


I am glad you are doing better. I have wondered how you were doing on many occasions but was afraid to ask.

steve Lee

I'm not wholly sure that big fat thighs are sought after. I'll take curvaceous though.

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Glad to hear everything went well and that you will have curvaceous and muscular legs soon :)

I also have an aversion to hospitals, last one I was in I left at 3am by taxi after my anesthetic wore off, the doctor freeked out.


I'm glad to hear that you are doing well & continuing to heal.


Glad to hear you're well and on your way to "big fat thighs." Personally, I'd rather have "curvaceous and muscular" thighs (and other body parts) as well.


oh we are so glad to hear you are doing better!! we'll be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts - take care!!!

michaelangelo and his mom


Best wishes on your continuing recovery. I hate when every doctor and nurse that comes asks the same questions over and over again. It's like they're trying to catch you in a lie or something. But, at least you have some furry friends at home to help you along.

K9 Amiga

great to hear : )

my favorite is "thunder thighs"


Glad to hear you are doing well :) Thanks for the update!! I just love Engrish translations. My ESL students often say the funniest things when they really intended to be serious. I had a Korean student in her early 40s who used to greet me in the morning with a big smile and tell me that I was fat! Uhhhh...I had to tell her that not all North American women were as tiny as most Korean women, and that it's not polite to tell people that they are fat (even if they are)!

Then there was the Japanese business man in one of my ESL classes who told me that he loves eating octopus balls! I was in shock and then he told me that they were cut up pieces of octopus, dipped in a batter and then cooked. I guess my mind was in the gutter!

Anyway, I am positive that your doctor meant that you would have freakin' sexy thighs! xoxo


I'm so glad to read this update...holidays have taken a toll on my visiting. However, I have wondered and am so happy to hear you're on the mend.

Big, fat thighs...lol!!! Languages sometimes don't translate all that well. It would have taken me aback a bit!

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