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do the dogs jump up on the suspects and lick them on the mouth?


I do believe Davies said it best. What a world we live in!!


You took the words right out of my mouth when you said "what about the right of all of us not to be blown apart by suicide bombers? "

That's against my religion, but the terrorists don't seem to care.


I haven't been overseas, but I'll bet if I visit some Muslim countries, I'll be expected to conform to their laws, regardless of my own beliefs and convictions.


A Muslim living in a society which embraces dogs as family pets may be respectful of society while at the same time choosing not to keep a dog as a pet for his family. But realistically, does the average UK Muslim expect every dog walking member of society to recognize him at a glance, be aware of Muslims' perceptions of dogs as it pertains to their religious beliefs and therefore not approach him with his dog? I can't imagine that the majority of UK Muslims think that way. This is prolly a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease.


Did you know that just last week the Supreme Court confirmed the second amendment to the U.S. Contitution, that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting? The day is coming when gun owning conservatives are going to have to shoot these politically correct, non-gun owning, liberals in self defense.

K9 Amiga

Jan, why is the world so absurd?

on a side note,

ive heard a lot about the cultural tensions in the UK, and i think there is no british society vs minorities. British society is composed of majorities and minorities, and setting up such an adversarial relationship is just harmful to relations, making each side more defensive and stubborn.

Lola Smiles

Oh..stories like this just get my HACKLES up...
As my grandpa said, 'England' is going to hell..

Matt Urdan

OK, it's time for society to lay down the law. This is where it all has to stop. It's time to return to a culture of personal responsibility instead of finger pointing (do you hear me the jack*ss who spilled hot coffee on yourself and then sued McDonald's?), a culture where police are allowed to do their jobs without someone yelling brutality or constitution at them, where doctors can practice medicine without having to do 5 million tests to protect them from Malpractice and then patients going to seek their fifth opinion, and most importantly, a culture where teachers and adults and camp counselors and clergy can put an arm around a crying kid's shoulder and not have to fear being labeled a sexual predator and child molestor.

It's all about balance and moderation and warmth and personal responsibility and what's important to living a secure life.

Yes, everyone has rights and freedoms and privileges. But those rights and freedoms and privileges have to be balanced with societal needs and doing the right thing.

By all means, prosecute the bullies disguised as police officers. Incarcerate the sexual predators. Sue the pants off doctors that are incompetent. But come on people, stop the insanity!

For a religious group to say they're not going to let dogs sniff them in the course of a search to keep a plane or a building from being blown up by a terroist, all I have to say is: it's the world you helped create, so you can accept the consequences of a search.

Have a great day, Jan!


If I have to be sniffed, so does everyone else. Don't like it, stay at home.


judas priest..i'd tell them ..'either let the dog sniff you, or you get frisked by a woman cop'....


ummmm if they don't like it and its against their "religion" they should just get up and leave the country! Thats right go back where they came from if they don't want to assimilate and be part of the bigger broader culture.

Ever heard the term "when in Rome"... this is the Rome my friends.

I am soooo sick of PC this and PC that. Infringing on the rights of the many to accommodate the few.

my 2 cents. And with the cost of fuel these days, 2 cents isnt much.


Maybe we could use "drug sniffing swine" instead?
Muslims make me wanna............OK....I'll be nice......I just wish Mecca would evaporate!!!!!

Matt Urdan

Jan, I've updated my post, 1968 vs 2008: Where have we gone wrong? and have deep linked to this post.



What an outrage! Good grief, I have to echo rosemary!


I think the dogs should be able to do their jobs. That doesn't mean they should target one group of people, though, based on race or religion or anything. I doubt the dogs know the difference anyway. Anyone could be suspect, and therefore sniffed.

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