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Thanks for posting that story. There are some Buster Brown shoes at my parent's house. I'll have to take a trip out there and go down Memory Lane.


i remember doing a post about buster brown a year or so ago..everyone was 'who?'...and didn't know about buster brown and tige..i remember them like it was yesterday...

Tom & Icy

That brought back memories from my childhood!

Gus and Louie

You always come up with the greatest things. I remember Buster Brown as a child but I didn't know any of the history behind him.. Nice work Jan.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


My kids wore Buster Browns....as did my brother. They made one of the ugliest shoes ever made that had a steel shank going right down the middle of the shoe with a "fixed" arch for kids with flat feet. Never fixed one thing on my son's foot but the doctor thought they would and for the price I had to pay they should have made him an excellent dancer or something.


How cute is that. :-) I own many Naturalizers. They are the most comfortable shoes.

K9 Amiga

beautiful! i love that only children can hear tige


I used to wear buster browns... so did my brother and sister.

What a cool old commercial.


Lordy, that brought back memories! And Buster Brown's were as "ugly as a mud fence" as my grandmother used to say.

Dirty Butter

Oh boy, what memories this brings back! I had forgotten that Mary Janes were connected with Buster Brown, but I remember the slogan from my childhood. I do not remember the cartoons, though. I always think of Tige, the Victrola dog, and the Our Gang Comedies pit bull as examples of this breed's gentle side.

Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane.

mary ryan

I attended a small grade school reunion in Yelm, WA, last Saturday. It was a front yard gathering and the neighborhood dogs and cats meandered through. One dog had a black spot around it’s eye and one of the attendees put their arm around the dog and recited for us a 1950’s era ad: "I’m buster brown, I live in a shoe, that’s my dog tige, he lives in there too."
One of the attendees remembered there were 2 barks after the ditty
And another remembered there was a cat sound after the two barks that said “nice”

Lebron James Shoes

i remember doing a post about buster brown a year or so ago..everyone was 'who?'...and didn't know about buster brown and tige..i remember them like it was yesterday...

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