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Thanks for another interesting doggish history lesson.


I really enjoyed this post, Jan! I especially liked that last quote. It's so true...there's no loyalty quite like the fidelity of dogs, is there? :) I know that if something were to happen to me, Chance (my dog) would be at my aid. My cats? HAH! They couldn't care less! ;p


Interesting! I had never heard that story before.
And how true that saying is!


I wonder how people reacted to his fondness of dogs in those days?


Ahem....sorry Jan....I love my doggies, you know that, and they are faithful although I think Penelope will forever think of the people across the road that were going to shoot her because she was inconvenient....as her "folks."...but when i am ill, crying, sad or upset it is the cats that gather on the bed or in my lap and stick to me like a bandaid.....love the story tho.....


I didn't know that about Napoleon. Thanks for sharing. You read so much history and you forget that there must have been dogs and cats back then too.

When I was a reporter for a small-town newspaper I did a story about a cat who alerted a family to a fire in the house. So not all cats are bad.

K9 Amiga

its just amazing, the relationship man has had with dogs. read this a while ago, i think youll like it. http://www.boop.org/jan/justso/cat.htm
its a prose piece by kipling about how the animals came to become friends with man and woman.


This is a side of Napolean that I never new. Somehow knowing that he had a soft spot for dogs also softens my attitude towards him as a man.

dog leash

Wow! I didn't kwow that! I will be saving this page to my favorites for sure.

Thanks for sharing!



Great story, but I have to add my voice in defense of cats. While I consider myself a dog person, I've never had a pet that was as affectionate as my cat Alice. If I leave her for longer than usual alone she sticks to me like glue when I get home.


This post stirred me to tears. Good tears Jan! And nothin' better than having your dog lick your tears away!


Really good post, Jan! I didn't know this about Napoleon...puts a different light on the man!


yeah, the cat would have ate the guy...

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