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I don't that that's stupid at all. I think it's considerate. I would never let me dogs watch violence against dogs on TV. Bailey, especially, likes to watch TV and he totally recognizes dogs and barks at them. He will then run around to the back of the TV to see where the dogs are. I think he would recognize harm being done to a dog on TV just as he would in real life.


How sweet. It always makes me smile when powerful men swoon over their pets like that. My grandpa had a doxie that he would take to Baskin Robbins for his own icecream cone back in the 60's... that was so unheard of back then.

Thanks for this, it put a smile on my face.



That is so sweet and shows a side of the man I never imagined. Thank you...and hope you are improving daily. Take care!


I find it very comforting that even a larger-than-life figure like Churchill (one of my personal heroes) was so very human.


uh........even hitler had dogs that he supposedly loved very much...

K9 Amiga

grumpy old men and tiny fluffy dogs name pixie or pookie or honey are the best, i think everyone has love to give and dogs are just great at bringing it out.


Winnie was just a big ol' softie at heart!


Oh, that is so nice to know! I always liked Winston......I just didn't know why until now!!


Good stuff...but still not motivating me to get a poodle :-)


You have opened up my eyes. I knew Winston Churchill had a dog.. but I was one of those who always thought it was a bull dog (and yes .. there would have been an uncanny resemblance). To learn he had poodles just goes to show that he truly knew his breeds. :-)

Sue Nowell

I am researching Churchill,s pet s If anyone out there has or knows information or more pictures of the great mans pets especially Rufus II I would love to hear from you. Sue


We inherited an apricot/brown miniature poodle (Miss Megan) when my wife's mother had to go into assisted living. Fortunately, Miss Megan knew my wife and also our Westie (Miss Molly). The 2 dogs became fast friends, much to the amazement of everyone. Megan didn't like most men, so it was a big surprise when Megan chose me as 'her' person. I gather poodles frequently do this. She is now Daddy's Girl. LOL! Who would have thunk it?? Me with a devoted, intelligent, alpha poodle! Life can be full of wonderful surprises.

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