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How fun is that? We should do that in Portland!!!

Jeannie Ghoski

This would make a great fundraiser for a local human society. They could take advantage of the publicity of the Iditarod and draw pet lovers to the event.


Looks like fun but after all the snow and cold I've experienced here in Michigan, I'll just watch it on local access cable from the comfort of my living room.

That reminds me of this Mardi Gras parade down in Alabama we saw once where the participants were canines.


now that sounds like a good time...wonder if we can get something going like that in west?...


Now that sounds like real fun....Violet could be in the cart seat barking at the other teams...distraction tactic. I love the new header...very nice.


That sounds really fun!


Sounds like fun.. but not nearly as much as the four legged event. :-)


You DO do it in Portland!

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