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i need a bigger box...........................
words you will never hear paris,linsey,nicole, or britney say..


i stopped eating tacos when the dog stopped selling them. bad move to get rid of the dog.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

The talking lizard has YET to sell me insurance....

gus and louie

That is a great story. We always wondered what happen to that little guy.. Thanks for sharing..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


(Jackie, lol)

Aww! I guess she was before my time, I moved here in 2000, probably after Gidget disappeared. Now all I get to do is think outside the bun. Not that I eat Taco Bells. I prefer Taco Time. They do a great veggie taco! Mm..

I love chihuahuas.. who could not love her with that face?


I just always assumed the poor thing died of clogged arteries (or accidentally fell into the Gordita mix).


I always wondered what happened to that dog!

Oh, I thought you'd be interested in this. A friend of mine has the oddest looking dog. It's really tiny and looks kind of mangy. I asked what breed it was and my friend said that it's a German Shepherd/Chihuahua!!! I was stunned! Is that even possible??? My friend said that the German Shepherd was sleeping and the Chihuahua came up and mounted her. I don't know if my friend was pulling my leg or not. What do you think?


The sex of Hollywood dogs is a mystery to the public. You can never tell. I learned my lesson with Lassie (yes, I'm that old), and then I learned a different lesson with Flipper ;-)


Funny and interesting! Good story, Jan!


That's an interesting read. Bad bad Taco Bell!


I cant believe it has been that long since those commercials were aired! OMG it seems like last week that I saw them... you just aged me baby... ahhhhhh

It was a rather nice walk down memory lane though...


Yo quiero chihuahuas.


This is so weird. We were just wondering about whatever happened to the Taco Bell chihuahua this morning.


The Taco Bell chihuahua will always live on in my heart. And whenever Godzilla is mentioned, we still yell, "Heeeer leezard, leezard, leezard ..."


Legally Blonde 2 was just on tv here last night...I never would have guessed at the origin of Bruiser's mum without you. Great tale of an animal celebrity and the fickle world of brand sponsorship.


Great story. I loved that dog. I totally remember the lizard commercial.

Lynn Sinclair

$30,000,000. I hope Gidget got her fair share. I can't believe the commercials only ran for 3 years.


I have two full sets of the stuffed dogs from those commercials.....I love them and they still "talk."


I so loved this little dog and am quite happy to hear that she is still doing well.

Amanda Mirelez

Are you kidding me? The cute little dog was taken from us over a lawsuit?!?!?! People have to ruin everything, anything that is good, they have to gripe about. I love the Chihuahua breed and this was awesome!!! WE WANT HER BACK :-p

Yuly Figueroa

The Taco Bell chihuahua rocks! I am hispanic and thought she was hilarious. All of this "politically correct" extremism is making America a mighty boring place to live in, don't you think?

Amanda Mirelez

I agree with Yuly all the way, "we" America are making our lives boring by being to prude. The Taco Bell dog rocked. Everyone has to have rights to everything. Is this ever gonna end!!! WE WANT THE TACO BELL DOG BACK!!!!!!!! :-p
Amanda E. Mirelez


Well it comes to us all... celebs and common folks alike...

taco eater

i like men...in meh teacos


She died July 21, 2009.

Angela Courtney

That would only make sense. She would have been over 12 years old at that time even. Dogs don't live forever. But for making new commercials, as the article said, they could use a different dog to replace her.

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