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IMHO, I don't like the mentality of sueing someone for every little thing that goes wrong. It's what gives lawyers a bad name in this country. Stuff happens. Let it go.

Dogs jump. People fall down. Life goes on.


I hope juries will finaly realize that when they make millionaires out of one person who had a pure accident, we all have to pay for it.

Matt Urdan

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Lonie Polony

Thank God, a judge with sense.


The litigiousness of our society is not one of those things that should be exported to the rest of the world. Wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "First, kill all the lawyers." Just a thought.


horay a judge with a brain....who woulda thunk it..


Wow! That's great for the dog owner... Sad for the lady that the whole thing happened. At least they get free healthcare over there!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I've heard they spay and nueter their lawyers in Europe and the UK, so there is fewer of them for society to support.


I am always reminded of that awesome episode of Southpark when Kyle's dad gets into suing EVERYBODY, and the chaos that 'ensues'.. lol

I think all attorneys should have to watch that before they go out and do their jobs.


Wish we could see that type of legal common sense on this side of the Big Pond.

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