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Charlie (aka Charlie the terrorist hoodini poodle)

Hi Misty and Jan

Humans can be so stupid sometimes, the only time I got depressed was when Hazel wasn't well and wouldn't get out of bed. It was all very inconvenient, my poodle routine got right out of sync.

Anyway Hazel now has a new laptop so I won't be accepting any excuses for not keeping up with the blogs.


Charlie Boy


great dog story and by the way..? peta can kiss my ass...
pit bull dog killing assholes..


Peta doesn't think that dogs should be police dogs or seeing eye dogs. I think police dogs should break up some of their protests.


Penelope discusses her life problems with me every day......she liked living on the streets but she can't let go of her inside bed now, she regrets never having puppies when she sees one but gets over it quickly, she prefers chicken but sometimes I don't listen to her, and her biggest issues are going to the vet and groomer.

As for the police dog issues.....yup, humans.


I suppose, since dogs don't understand the concept of teasing, that taunting could be explained as cruelty. Can't think of any other explanation for that one.


People can be so amazingly stupid sometimes. The dog wins again!


Suicidal pets! Now I am amazed.

Lynn Sinclair

Bigger question -- why was the dog left in a car (in Florida)? Or perhaps it was left running with the a/c on?


Those were funny!!! And yep I've met a few humans that proved to me that my dogs are wayyyy smarter ...;)


I have to find for you the link to the story where three people tried to rob a K-9 training facility. I haven't stopped laughing since I read it.


I love stupid criminal stories.


I don't get the dog taunting story either. Maybe he was banging on the car window?

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