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at least the dog wouldnt have a few drinks before taking off like some pilots have done.

Love, ed

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I rather enjoyed snoops.com bit about why a flight from LA to San Fran would route through Sacramento, but who knows with airline schedules these days.


I got one several years ago with eastern locations. Urban legends keep popping up over the years. I guess they do no harm.

jayne d'Arcy

lol this is a good legend.


It makes a great story none the less. I guess that's why they're called shaggy dog stories.

Sophie Brador

I love it!


True story. I used to fly for a Detroit based Not-For-Hire airline. Being Not-For-Hire the mandatory retirement at age 60 rule didn't apply. All of the pilots had been terminated from regular airlines because they had passed age 60. We always had people marvel that we were all so old.

One time we had a crew fly down to sunny Laredo, Texas. The Captain was 72, the second officer was 66, and the flight engineer was 69. Knowing that everyone would freak out at seeing that three ancient pilots had flown this four-engine airplane in there they decided to act like the Captain was blind. The Captain wore his sunglasses and held onto the second officer’s elbow.

Surely enough everyone freaked out. They wanted to know how a blind man could fly the airplane. They said, “Oh, we fly the airplane and he just talks on the radio and gives us orders. He doesn’t have to see.”

They asked, “How can you legally fly that airplane since you’re all over age sixty?”

They explained that the age 60 rule didn’t apply to Not-For-Hire airlines. This was news to them so one young man asked, “Do you need to hire any more pilots?’

“Yes, they’re always looking out for new pilots, but you’ve got to be over 60 and have more than 20 thousand flying hours.”

Mack T. Beans

Maybe they need to dye the the dog's owners so they can see how it feels!!

Happy Sunday,


oh that's a sweet and fabulous story!!! hehehe, funny too!


OMG that's great! I love it! I could just imagine the looks on those people's faces.... Thanks for the laugh :)


Things are not always how they appear. It's good to question reality now & then. Thanks for the reminder.


Your right.. cute story. :-)

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