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ohh, remember the big stink last year(or was it 2 years ago)...about the sledder who beat his dogs with a sign and killed one?....only time i ever asked peta to get involved with anything...he got banned for a year or two and fined..should have banned him for life...bastid


There are a few ugly incidents any time you get that many people involved. but Peta doesn't give a rats ass about the dogs, they would like to just release them all to die. So much is learned about breeding and medicine from this sled dog breeding program.

Mack T. Beans

Cool!! I will go to that site and root em on!!


Thanks for the post. I am so sick of hearing about how "cruel" it is to train dogs or have working dogs, well, work. I can just imagine how happy those dogs are doing their job. PETA and all the other asshats that think animals are little people also probably think Beatrix Potter books were documentaries.

Keep us posted on the race.

Turbo the Sibe

Of course I am a big Iditarod fan. We know a couple human participants.

Are you aware of the poodle team that once competed?

And, by the way, PeTA is stupid!


Yes, post on Poodles in the Iditarod is coming up next. Stay tuned.


It all sounds so exciting, especially for your vet. It will be good to hear about his insights first hand. I'll have to keep track of all the action.

PS. I love the dog booties in the picture.


sometimes I wish my own doctors were as good as my vet.

Gus and Louie

That is just way to cool. Dogs doing what they are bred to do. We will have to check it out online and watch the progress.. Thanks for the info.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


Woo hoo! Get ready to hear from your opposition.


Wow, we're definitely going to follow it this year. We just started doing some basic mushing this year, but I want to do more. The weather is more or less cooperative and I'm limited to trails nearby since I don't have a car, but I'm hoping that'll change. And one day, I'll have a second dog, maybe start a team... I never got people who said that Iditarod dogs were unhappy. I means sure, as in every sport there are morons who abuse their animals, but for the most part, well, the dogs have to want to pull. If they don't, well, you aren't going anywhere. And man, when a husky wants... Those dogs are so gorgeous when they're doing what they were bred for, working hard, working together, working well. And vets like your vet check them very often so that no dog who can't run is in the race. I've been told by a vet tech who volunteers at minor races that more often than not it's the musher and not the vet who sidelines a dog out of concern.

Thanks for covering this and tell your vet that he's really lucky to be there!

Louka's mom

Amy Fields



You were right, Pam. Here is one now.

Amy, the picture you are talking about that is circulated on the internet has been shown to be falsified. But still it continues to circulate.


I think it's great that the dogs are doing what they are bred for!
It's a shame all the working dogs that are getting fat and lazy laying around the house on welfare along with their bleeding heart liberal owners!!!LOL!!!!
Can't wait to hear about the poodle sled team!!!


I've just been reading a book about dogs doing what dogs were bred to do. It makes me more of a fan of this race. Do you know about the team of poodles that were in it several years ago? I think they had to drop out... I don't know the entire story.

Lynn Sinclair

I never knew about the origins of the race--interesting.


It is an amazing race. How cool that your vet gets a front row seat!


I became a fan of this race in the late '80s when Susan Butcher dominated the race for many years. As the owner of many working dogs, I know they love to do their jobs. They actually suffer if they don't work.

BTW it's really cool that you, via your vet, will be able to give us an up close & personal look at the race. I'll be looking forward to that.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

It always amazes me that they cover the Iditarod in our local paper. After all..this is FLORIDA.


Love the race, excited to hear about your vet's adventures...and I echo Matt..I wish I could trust my health to our vet who cares much more about her patients than any doctor we have except the kids pediatrician (and the kids are rapidly outgrowing his fine services).


Such an amazing race.. so much heart in these dogs and these men( and women ). Thanks for the link.


Very interesting....I did not know much about the breeding of the dogs, etc. Wishing all the mushers and dogs a safe race!


just wanted to clarify that the incident with the musher hitting his dogs did not result in death or permanent injury. he used a flexible trail marker...not that i agree with any type of abuse...he was banned from the iditarod until 2010 and was unable to recieve any compensation for the placement in last years race as he was disqualified.
we are fans here...were just out watching the ceremonial start yesterday in anchorage...today they all took off from willow.
more trivia...thought it interesting that several of the mushers who live in very remote places, had to use the dog sled teams to get to a village large enough to fly out of to get to the race.
all the best to the mushers and their teams..may all arrive safely in nome!!

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