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But they all look so happy!

This is why I'm glad I'm not in the limelight. My ol' dog loved it when I tug on his ears. Of course not hard enough to lift him (plus, he's a big dog, not a tiny beagle), but he loves it when I tug on his ears.


He could have lifted the dog by the tail I guess....I got "lifted" by my ears a lot when I was a kid....never hurt my hearing but it did hurt my hair for some reason.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I surprised PETA didn't get him impeached for that.


Unfortunately PETA is more interested in protecting chickens and snail darters than in protecting dogs.


peta is too busy putting down pit bull dogs..
i remember when that happened...poor ole johnson, he couldn't win for losing..

Lynn Sinclair

You don't see many pictures of people mistreating their pets these days (although I'm sure there are photos of just that, but I don't want to see them!). Nowadays, celebrities are hanging their kids over balconies or not buckling them into their car seats. I wonder which causes the bigger uproar?


It's amazing how the smallest incident can be stretched and morphed all out of proportion...especially where presidents are concerned.


It doesn't seem out of proportion to me. Sometimes, it takes a celebrity doing something to get people's attention. IMO, dogs ears are not strong enough to support their body weight. If a person were to lift a dog up by it's ears, the ears would probably tear off. but PLEASE do not try this at home.


What else would one expect from an unfeeling, domineering, self-centered SOB?


Now, I remember why I had a crush on Beagles when I was a kid?


Yeah, I much preferred looking at his cholecystectomy scar ;-)


To this day I wonder what possessed him .. but I am pretty sure it was not a regular occurrence and probably never happened again.


Not the smartest move in the world, but world leaders make less than swift moves all the time. We can only hope this was a one time "mistake"


PETA and Humane Society of the United States are combined now adays, but back then thier agenda was not animals but helping legislative candiates get re-elected! And thier top agenda now is to remove firearms from the hands of all American citizens. Just look who they contribute to and the amounts of money is involved

Vince Stead

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I had a Beagle puppy many years ago. We sure could have used your book then.  Thanks for reading.



that is not hurting him jimmy that is the dog i woung up with. That was one dumb dog

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