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"If I was a pit bull, I'd rip your spleen out."

Gus and Louie

Wow I don't even have to worry about Mom dyeing me Blue!!! Guess I am all set for the game...

Not sure what the weigh limit is on lap dogs.. Louie is going to test that I am sure..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


"I have evil heart. I soon show you it."


I'd like to kick him in the gnads and see if they'd turn blue!!!!!


"Put your arm down, stupid!"


"If I were a cat I would use each of my nine lives to exact my revenge".


" I look like a friggin Smurf!"

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

Hey! You're cheering for the wrong team!


I have come to expect nothing less from sports fans.

Sophie Brador

It's hard to even know how to comment on that one. The only thing that comes to mind is "idiot." I hope that dog pees on him.



hey! I just stumbled in your site from blogtoplist and found it to be really wonderful with posts worth reading and great pics. You are doing a real great job with your blog.


"You must sleep sometime, fat boy."


Hi! Thanks a million for dropping by my site and I'm really delighted to find your thoughts placed out there! Can we exchange links?? Also check out my other dog blog: http://welcomedoglovers.blogspot.com


I would not be thinking anything kind, if I were that dog.

Miss Trashahassee

She's singing the chorus from Eiffel65's hit "Blue": I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee)
I'm blue (da ba dee).

No, wait -- the Patsy Cline "Blue." No -- she's dreaming of becoming "Blue" on "Blue's Clues," but only if Steve will come back because the new guy stinks. Need a thinking chair on that one. hmmmmmm.

Turbo the Sibe

Obviously that dog is thinking what I know to be true: "Humans are stupid."


ROTFL I haven't been able to read my favorite blogs for a while (school work)-- so what happens? First favorite one features a blue dog.

I half hope the dog chews his toes off while he sleeps-- that's just so wrong.


"Hey!.Get yer pit outta my face!..I'm turning blue here."


"What did I ever do to you?"


Hi, great to meet you. We just joined the "Top 200 Pet Sites" and found your site there. Looking forward to reaidng more!


I DO Love you..I do I do...I do...

pinks & blues girls

Now that's unfortunate.

Jane, Pinks & Blues


I bet that poodle wants to pee on him when he's napping... bwahahaha..

No seriously, I dont like it when people dye their dogs... Its just so wrong and demoralizing.


My friend's girlfriend is a hairdresser and she dyed her poodle pink with purple streaks. I don't know what she used to dye her dog. I don't care if she says it's 'safe', it's just soooo wrong!




I hope it's photoshopped. Poor thing!

(It is cute though, I have to admit it..)

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