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Pity my Detroit Lions. They've never even BEEN to a Superbowl EVER.

I know I've thought about putting a "guide dog in training" sign on my poodle so I could take him to malls, restaurants, etc. He wouldn't behave, I know, but then I could tell bystanders that's why he's in training.

Bad joke, I know. But this project you mention sounds terrific and certainly worthwhile. Thanks for promoting it here.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

They have guide dogs in training come out to the baseball stadium here to get them used to crowds. It's kind of cool, but you're not allowed to play with them and of course, everyone want to play with them.


I dont think most people realize how much it takes in time and money to train a guide dog, thank Dog there are people who can help blind people lead normal lifes.

ed brown

A few crimminals always get more press than hundreds of good guys.


That's pretty cool.


what a great deal...although i would have to be a big fat liar if i didn't say the visual picture i have in my head of a bunch of blind guys playing golf just cracks me up...im sorry..im a sick puppy

Saint Lover

How good of Eli to host this. He is such a role model for many young people and will definately bring much needed attention to guide dogs (I hope they are mentioned at least)

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