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Simply Jenn

But isn't it cold outside? I'm glad I live in a fairly snow free zone, although my dogs would probably like the exercise.


I'm with simply Jen. How can anything be fun when your cold? Yes Im sure my dogs would love it though.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

And in the sunny state of Florida, instead of sledding, we have Scootering:


Diamond Emerald Eyes has the right idea for us Floridians. Parker & Zeus are beautiful shepherds that look like they're having a blast.


Until they can come up with warm snow, scootering looks like something we could get into.

Sam Johnson

What a bunch of weinies.


any activity that requires me to freeze my ass off is not something i would want to do....but maybe watch on tv..


Our first adventures in dog sledding involved pet dogs, home made harnesses, kiddie toboggans and so much snow the roads were all closed so we could run right down the middle...which was a good thing since we couldn't steer.
Later we got real harness, made a gang line and hooked up to yet another kiddie sled. By that time we had border collies which would steer so our kids were very popular with their playground buddies as we could give them rides.

Gus and Louie

You got us so excited about the race we can hardly wait till it does. Dan thinks we should be able to see some of it on ESPN we sure hope so..

Sophie Brador

Lots of sledding up here. I think you can ever take your own huskie and join in. Sophie's not much interested, but she's not so much a team player.


Hmmmmmm...I put my dogs in a stroller and push them? Something is terribly wrong with this picture?


I love reading all the "but isn't that cold" comments. I LOVE the cold. I think I'm more miserable than my dog when summer rolls in. Also, when you're in movement, it's not that cold and sledding requires a surprising amount of movement, I'm finding, going from kicking to help the sled go forward when the dog is reluctant to keeping your balance on the runners. then there's the whole running behind the sled if things go wrong part that we will try not to mention.

About cost, when you're just doing it for fun and not for competition, you can get equipped fairly cheaply and the material lasts long enough to be worth it. It cost me maybe 200$ for my entire getup, including my 1-dog sled (made from maple and gorgeous), the harness and the tugline with shock absorber. Of course I'm not taking into account the cost of Louka and his upkeep, simply because since it's a hobby, he's less my sports partner and more my spoiled pet. Mushers who really compete put so much more energy into it, it's amazing. So not only is there a financial cost, but also a considerable time cost. There's training, practice, selecting the best teams and testing them out, selecting the best dogs for the team... There's a lot of work that we just don't think about that goes into that.

It's amazingly fun for all involved, even with just one dog pulling. Two or three, with my little sled, would be ideal, but even a single dog can pull a load and there are sleds designed with just that in mind. And, of course, it makes it easier to want to go outside when it's -18 Celcius, out there.


Dog sledding is quite a popular sport here in Winnipeg, as one might expected with our winters being what they are. Quite a few clubs can be found here and often teams of dogs can be seen racing across the frozen rivers.


Violet would pull anything and could have been a musher dog....but she is a little on the small side. My fouffy girl loves the snow and the mud....and green stuff.

Carolyn Nelson

My 8mo.50lb.Standard Poodle loves nothing better than exploring (next to socializing). I just started (yesterday) to teach him how to bike. WOW! It's meant to be! I had hoped he'd like frisbee ('cuz I do! and it would allow him vigorous activity);but, he loses interest in fetch games quickly.
Considering his desire to explore and run with me, I want something for winter.
I weigh 135-140 lb. Is there a single sled we could use?
P.S. It is hard to get the motivation to go out in the deep cold; but, when you do (and snow is the seller!), there is nothing more invigorating! You feel big, bright, open and ready to go! Then you go inside and aaahhhhhhhh. Cheeks flushed, lungs wide open, sweet sleep.

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