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I'll have to take your word for it...I'm still a pitty bull dog person...and it's not helped by the fact that every time I do to Babs, her neighbors little poodle barks it's head off at me..even after I bribed it with doggie treats..


Violet.....the fouffy dog....umm, hum. The ONE time I had her done in a poodle cut I regreted it in an instant. She acted like I had taken her blankie away and moped for days. She loves to play, run, roll in green stuff and is far from fouffy. She gets "detailed" not groomed.

Sophie Brador

I grew up with a poodle ... a little white one named Caesar. Then, as an adult, one of my first dogs was a grey poodle. They are really great dogs. I always find it interesting how quickly they win people over. You just need to spend a bit of time with one. Here, poodles are called caniche, which sounds like an interesting Italian dessert, except that it's French. Standard poodles are called Caniche Royale! I love it!

SB's mom


Poodles are very high on my list of favorite breeds...because of the amazing intelligence and personality. My first obedience school teacher had a standard and she was a fabulous dog...completely sold me on the breed.


I'm rather partial to standard poodles myself. I'm not overly fond of toys and minis, having had bad experiences with yappy, badly-trained, insufferable dogs, but I do respect their intelligence. I managed to teach my grandmother's totally untrained poodle four or five basic commands in a half hour that he still remembered a month later when I came back to visit. All this without having practiced in between visits. Although northern breeds will always be #1 in my heart, standard poodles are steadily creeping up to #2. I have the firm intention of owning a standard poodle one day. I know of two excellent breeders in my area and I've met dogs from both who were total sweethearts, one even having a reputation of being perfect. So if one day you see someone mushing a team of two northern-breeds and a grand caniche, you'll know it's me!

Grand caniche is actually the proper term in French, although caniche royal and caniche standard are popularly used. This was a matter of debate on my (french-speaking) dog forum and someone finally looked it up.


It's probably too late to change this blog to The Caniche (and dog) blog. But I really like that title.


I keep thinking that it's my imagination that my dog can understand what I say and can even read my thoughts. But after reading your post, they really can, don't they?


Everyone in my family had poodles when I was growing up, so I've always loved them. They are so smart and eager to please and they love cuddling and playing. Forget the barrel of monkeys...give me a barrel of poodles prancing around!


Lovely post Jan. Perhaps you have changed Misty's view of humans just as she opened your eyes to the fabulousness of poodles :) (My mother's huskey is a Misty also!)


I only know of poodle intelligence second-hand. I've never owned a poodle, but if I did, it wouldn't have one of those fou-fou haircuts. I just couldn't bring myself to do that to the poor thing.


I always had that same connotation with poodles - wimpy and girly...especially with those haircuts. But, as the case with all dogs, the stereotype doesn't usually fit.


I've often been told that dogs and their humans have similar traits. Some people and their dogs even look somewhat alike. If this were the case, I'd have thought I'd be more of a poodle person. You know, all frou frou shi shi, lots of energy, totally cutesy all the time. Instead, I've got an adorable mutt who is always looking disheveled no matter how much he is groomed. He's very attention seeking, and loves to go everywhere with his humans! As soon as he sees us approach the car, he's already there and ready to hop into the passenger seat.

Are you and Misty the alpha Poodle much alike?


P.S. I do like poodles. Since I've got a big dog, I like the idea of being able to carry and hold a dog like a toy poodle. My friend has a toy poodle named Toy and he is the most adorable thing ever. Yeah, he's a bit yappy, but he sure loves his human!


You have taken the words out of my mouth! I never thought that I would have a poodle. They were always the high strung pampered babies and I love my terriers. Now that I have Smokey Jo I have discovered that they are so much more. Jo Jo has actually taken to the little agility course I set up for Charlie and Monty.

I am afraid that I just do not have the time or inclination for the "proper" poodle cuts. Jo jo will always just have a puppy cut with a bit of puff on top of his head - just because I like it.


Seems like I read somewhere that poodles are the most intelligent of dogs. I know our poodle is smart WHEN HE WANTS TO BE. He pretends to have a hard time understanding "no", like when we tell him no more treats, or he has to stay home, or he's been out enough for the day.


Look, it helps if you know how I 'envision' the personalities of my dogs -- I see them as the reincarnations of dissolute Parisian courtesans, with the occasional brittle fashioniste or chanteuse thrown in for good measure. Fraaanch (that's how we pronounce it), but with a seedy underbelly - Fifth Arrondissement, if you will.

Show ring poodle, otoh, are 8th Arrondissement - all Chanel and Vuitton and poofy haircuts.

Working poodles are a different story, of course...

Denis de la Poupon

Les carniches sont allemands ? Ridicule ! Bergers Allemands ? Ridicule ! Ce que tu appelles les carniches sont vraiment Caniche.Ce que tu appelles les bergers allemands sont vraiment Alsations. L'attitude anti-Française de l'anglais va trop loin quand elle se prolonge aux chiens. Ne conviens-tu pas ?

Mssr. Denis de la Poupon

Translation by the Venerable Pam as follows:
The poodles are German? Ridiculous! German Shepherds? Ridiculous! What you call the poodles is really Caniche. That which you call the German shepherds are really Alsations. The anti-Frenchwoman attitude of English goes too much far when it is prolonged with the dogs. Don't you agree?

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

That isn't really a theory, that is where the cut developed from. The fur was left on the joints and on the chest to provide insulation in those areas, and on the top of the head to help the dog retain body warmth in cold water. Everything else was clipped short to streamline the dog so it could swim faster. The pom on the tail was left as a visual aid to help the hunter keep an eye on the dog in heavy underbrush. It's a very functional cut. Stupid looking, but functional.

Bean have much respect for working dogs, so she does misjudge puddles, er, poo-dles.


It is my theory that after the Poodles got the cute hair cut, they lived in the manor, rode in the carriage and didn't do much hunting any more.

Barby & Xsara

I wasn't a big fan of poodles before I started competing in agility. But then I disovered how wonderful dogs they are. They are incredibly smart and so kind, my beagle really loves them too. I think they have a great character!


Oh my. My Barf, who thinks he IS a lion, because of his ridiculously fuzzy ruff, told me he was horrified, and I better not get any ideas ...


My first introduction to the world of the poodle was through a 10 year old rescue named Emma. I had never had a Poodle and, like you, had some pretty unflattering misconceptions. Then Emma came into my life. Her owners had handed her over to our rescue organization because of their divorce. I became her foster mom. With in two weeks she had totally captured my heart and I was totally in awe of the intelligence and character wrapped up in this curly bundle. I adopted her and now carry a whole new attitude towards this wonderful breed. But.. I still don't get the show hair cuts.. I am going to have to go and read your post on the reason why of that. :-)


I have always thought of poodles as special dogs, somehow above ordinary dogs. I still look at mine in awe. They are godly dogs and yes, so so so so smart. And the funny thing is that they possess the same wonderful qualities no matter how their hair is cut.

Gus and Louie

Yepper those poodles look kind of sissy to us. We can't imagine one going to the lake with us. Of course we don't even know if they can swim or fetch sticks?? Blue heelers don't have to go through all that grooming either.. Mom just throws us in the tub.. Silly Mom. We are thinking that Louie enjoys it now. Mom said yesterday he jumped right in when she was running the water..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


Hi, I worked in dog rescue for several years. We had several poodles come into rescue, all with their own characters. One really stands out. She was good enough to be trained as a hearing dog. Within a couple of weeks of being homed, she saved her owner's life by waking her up when there was a fire in the house. Who says that dogs aren't intelligent! I'm a greyhound man myself, but I have a great respect for poodles!
I've recently started a dog blog which you good people might be interested in. You will see a picture of my two rescue greyhounds. Pay me a call at http://dogs-a-z.blogspot.com


I became a fan of Poodles after I met Lucy. She was the most wonderful standard poodle in the world. I live with a cat now (Alice is a story in herself) I'm more of a terrier person, just because they are as stubborn and cussed as I am. But I have learned to love poodles.


I've always picked on poodles myself...not in a particularly mean way, just in that I prefer other dog breeds over them. You've certainly got me re-thinking that view though.


I grew up with miniature poodles and have never regretted getting a lab!

J. Reed

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Joe the Dog Lover

I tend to make fun of poodles myself, particularly toy ones.


is there a breed of dog called poupon


I'm a 25 year old man, single. I've owned 2 standard poodles in my life, lost one to old age. They are the only breed I will own. They hardly shed, they are smart, outgoing, and you can take them everywhere. Harley is a running partner, I take him to work everyday (Construction -- Brigework/Roadwork) Most of the guys make fun of me, but after a couple weeks of being around him they think he's cool.

I don't see why people think they are sissy dogs, or yappy. Most Standards hardly ever bark. The ones I've been around anyway. Mine loves to wrestle and play rough, he loves going to lake and swimming/fetch. He goes Hunting with me, I've never really trained him to be a bird dog, as I'm not into hunting much, but loud noises don't bother him all seeing how's he's around Heavy Equipment and Jackhammers all day long.

I'm love walking my dog around town, He's also pretty good with the ladies, I've got quite few dates becuase of him, hehe.


I'm sure he is a total babe magnet when the two of you are walking.  i named my blog the Poodle and dog blog because Poodles really aren't dogs. Sometimes they are so smart it is scary. Thanks for visiting us.



Obat Herbal

Seems like I read somewhere that poodles are the most intelligent of dogs. I know our poodle is smart WHEN HE WANTS TO BE. He pretends to have a hard time understanding "no", like when we tell him no more treats, or he has to stay home, or he's been out enough for the day.

Linda  Kearns, Spokane, WA.

The saddest day of my life was just a little while ago. I had to put down my 11 year old male standard poodle,Knikkie, aka Sir Knikolus the lion hearted. He was the best part of my life, and I'm not sure what to do without him making me look good. July 30th, I woke up with him in pain, mind you, it was hard to tell 'cause he never complained. I bumped in to him and he cried out. I tried to pick him up and he screamed. His liver failed and everything hurt. The vet office closed down for a while when I brought him in, 'cause we were all crying so hard. He woke up from the needle, cause I was screaming, and he looked at me like whats wrong mom? He's concerned about me to the end. I've never had such LOVE and Devotion in my life. I've never felt alone before he left.He had epilepsy, and it manifested badly when he was young. He would be so embarressed by the vomit, wizz, poop, part of the grand mall seizure, he would hardly look at me, and I would just hold and massage his tight muscles, until he could sleep. I wish I could still hold my beautiful boy again. My cat's are even lost. They miss their protector and "mother". It was "His job to bathe them" I thought he would be the one with hair balls, not the kitties. He knew what I would do before I did. I had had to put down my 32 year old Arabian Mare, Bajka, 3 weeks before him, and he wouldn't leave my side. He was so worried about me. What am I going to do without my boy, my beautiful boy?? Linda Kearns, Spokane, Wn


Poodles are really amazing dogs. I fell under the same spell you did when I met my first standard poodle. They are totally uncommon in Brazil, but you can always see very good dogs at shows around here.

I never found another dog as intelligent and as friendly as a standard poodle. And I agree they look like they came from royalty.

And I keep my poodles under the traditional clip! Beatiful!

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