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Jan you have posted some really great products and I have purchased several....but ummm, no on this one. It is bad enough that the cats play in the toilet and I either sit on a soaked seat or in the middle of the night sit on the lid, but I won't get anything that will entice the dogs to slurp from the toilet. Nope, I pass on this one.

Diamond Emerald-eyes

That is funny, actually.


My cat is occasionally toilet-curious too. I don't think she'd drink it, but she does want to know what I'm up to, and it's rare that I pee at home without a cat wrapped around my legs. That is another mystery.


Oh my goodness! Now I don't know which to choose...the doggie toilet drinking bowl or a fish tank toilet. Decisions! Decisions!


I don't even have a dog and I want one of those...how cute is that


I always figured they drank out of the toilet,because the porcelain kept the water cool..
Anyway,I want one of those!


Thank goodness my dog doesn't drink out of toilet bowls.

gus and loue

That is great information.. We will have to start putting down the lid...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


You did a good job of adverting...it's listed as sold out!


This is a hoot! But not one I am getting...but my dogs do love the toliet ...even though I am not fond of them doing that!! I am considering agility for my Clancy...do you know anything about this?

Turbo the Sibe

I found another strange dog toilet thing:


Lynn Sinclair

If you do purchase that eye catching toilet/water bowl, just make sure you tell your guests that it's for the dog.


The cat doesn't drink out of the bowl, but she has been known to play in the water if I leave the lid up. I wonder if I bought her that bowl if she'd just stand around playing in that water instead.


I think I can live without one of those. However, I saw an episode of Extreme Home Makeover where the people had a lot of dogs and when their house was made over, the 'dog room' had several of those in it.


I'm trying to decide which room this would work the best in. Hmmm ... pointless to put it in the bathroom. Not very "tasteful" in the kitchen or dining room. Guess it will have to go in the living room. Yeah, so when guests walk in the front door, it's the first thing they'll see. It's ok, all out friends already think we're nuts.


OMG that is hysterically cute!


Love it. :-) (and I know Sadie would too)


This is more like a gag gift...with the emphasis on the word 'gag' ;-)

Pet Owner

That's pretty funny but I can't imagine buying one and sticking it in my kitchen. Maybe if you had a pool room...


It's definately something a guy would buy if he didn't have a woman in his life.

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