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Usually when the dogs do that they run the TP all over the house - down the hallway, into the living room. Because he was trapped and couldn't escape the bathroom, that game was useless. He doesn't understand that he can still TP the bathroom. hee hee.


that was little assholes favorite trick...he would have the toilet paper go from the bathroom, to the bedroom...on top of the bed, under the bed and then down the hall into the dining room, where it usually ended up a shreaded mess in the middle of the kitchen floor..he also like to stuff it under the rug in the kitchen...annie thinks it is beneath her to do such foolishness....


Mike used to play that. If you add butter and a few potted plants......


Hi Misty,
It sounds like you have a lot in common with my dogs. They discovered that secret very early in puppyhood.


My old dog (r.i.p.) used to just chew up the toilet paper leisurely in the bathroom. He doesn't even bother panicking and running around the house. LOL

Turbo the Sibe

Roo Roo like toilet paper in our house. She's trained my Human to give her a square when she "high fives." Me, on the other paw, I prefer the nice tube in the middle!

Lorna Paxton

Ha ha ha, that is so funny and true! My dogs also like to take bits of paper from the bathroom waste basket anad shred that too, a fun derivative of the traditional toilet paper sport :)

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Now I thought that the day the cats got into the box of tampons un the bathroom cupboard and proceeded to spread them through the house while I was at work was quite creative.


All of my darlings have discovered the white roll, Misty. Please get away from the computer or I will have to tell your mom. We don't need any more problems here.

Martha Murillo

Ha, thats so funny,, Over the years the thought only my dogs were bad doggies.. Then I moved the furniture in the bedroom around. Quess where I found all the toilet paper? Yep, under the bed, in shreds and on extra roll that had been a extra toy for later.. dogs are awesome...


I wonder if it's in some dog's genes. Like digging your expensive bulbs up after you've just tucked them into the ground, or chewing not your old shoes but your brand new ones. hehe.


My dogs always manage to chew just one shoe of a pair, which pretty much ruins the whole pair


Funny, my dogs don't bother the TP. It's the cats that have done it... or so the dog said ;-)


Felix once grabbed a roll of toilet paper, took it out the dog door, and proceeded to TP my entire backyard -- all of which would have only been mildly amusing, if it hadn't rained before I'd noticed it...


I once had a lovely Maine Coone who excelled at this sport. :-)

Saint Lover

I came home to a mess of TP once! I had just plopped down the exorbitant amount they ask for a giant 24 pack. I set it on the bar and left. Came home to 2 rolls left in the pack and the dinning room looking like it had a 2 inch base of snow! Mine sure know the drill!

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