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Sara J.

The little dogs might have changed the course of history and will get little credit for it. Good story.

Diamond Emerald-eyes

Pupniks. Good one!


I think it's very cool that he petted his dog before making decisions. I think that petting my dogs grounds me and gets me more in touch with my priorities. Maybe that's what he was doing. I would have loved to see him with an elegant standard poodle.


id love to see a politician posing with some sissy looking dog just once.


now that's a terrific story...
was thinking about him today as i watched his brother,nephew, and daughter give their endorsment to barak obama...was pretty cool...


Wow! Jan how do you keep your interest so focused day after day! One great dog story after another. You amaze me!


Why is the Presidential pups are always better people than the Presidents?

Turbo the Sibe

Never trust a politician who doesn't like dogs!


Maybe it is time to ask Penelope and Violet who I should vote for. They're pretty smart...well, except for the raiding of the cat box thing.

Your son

Pupniks? Still laughing about that one........


Pupniks!..and thus,detente was born.


hehe Pupniks.....love it!


Great post. I learned some neat things about JFK. Especially like hearing about the pupniks. I'll definitely remember that.


Jan, I love your stories, and this one is especially wonderful. The name "pupniks" is perfect...I had not heard this one before.

Dogs are amazing, with their calming energy. The palm of my hand smoothing over a dog's back always settles me, much as it must have done for the President.

Simply Jenn

Hi Jan. I just wanted to let you know that on compliment instead of comment day that I am so glad I found my way to your blog. You pass on so much information that I would never come across. You are honest, which is greatly appreciated and you have given me some amazing advice! I just want to tell you thanks, and that you're doing an amazing job!!!!!


Even though I was quite young at the time, I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. At least I remember feeling afraid. Most likely I picked it up from my parents. This bit about the pupniks puts a welcoming hopeful slant on it.


I think you can tell a lot about the character of a man or woman by how they treat their animals.


Dogs are indeed a man's best friend. As a proof, even presidents get awed with their presence :)


Dogs are indeed a man's best friend. As a proof, even presidents get awed with their presence.

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