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Diamond Emerald-Eyes

It wasn't Buddy that needed to be nuetered....

Fuzzy Logic


george ryan

This is a real contrast to Pres. Kennedy in the last post. I think Clinton missed trying to be like kennedy in a lot of ways even tho he tryed.


I wonder what pets Obama has.

Gus and Louie

We didn't know that Clinton had a dog. It is to bad that Buddy was being used.. We certainly are glad that dogs don't understand and are very happy just being dogs...

Louie is at the Vet today getting nuetered.. I am really sad....Gus


Poor Buddy....I think the original Buddy was hit by a car in upper-ritzy NY. I actually bought the book Dear Socks, Dear Buddy. It is an adorable book....so was the blue dress from the Gap.

jayne d'Arcy

You're really wicked, you know? lololol

Saint Lover

I wonder whatever happened to that dog...

Around The Funny Farm

Hmmmmm........... I got my dog because I instantly fell in love with a puppy. A year later.... I told hubby I loved him almost as much as the dog.... ummm....OF COURSE I WAS KIDDING>...

Really... I was kidding! We both laughed because I LOVE this dog a lot!


Not much more to say, other than BRAVO to you!


It's amazing to think that so much politics can come into the simple selection of a pet.


Thanks for the laugh. Boy that dog is cute.


Wait, what happened to the cat?


As I understand, the cat was left with a staff member when the Clintons moved out of the White House. Sadly Buddy was hit by a car at the new home in New York State.


It was originally Chelsea's cat, but it was forced to live in the basement of the White House. They gave Socks to Betty, Bill's receptionist (the one who sneaked Monica into the Oval Office).


Is tomorrow's post going to be about Barney & Miss Beazly? ;-)


You have to admit,Chocolate Labs do make you feel all warm and fuzzy,and are a lot less frightening than some of the pets Bush is so fond of frolicking with...Like the First Infantry Division.


Wonder what dog they'd choose for me, if I ever become President? ;-)

I'd very much like a Dachshund or 3.


huh huuuuh...
yeah, too bad we couldn't have had him clipped..no need to do that to bush..no one wants to fuk him anyhow..


I have to say that I really liked having Bill Clinton as President. So he had a little fling! Look what the President we have now has done to our country!



Great blog entry at the Baltimore Sun's Mutts - about the Presidential candidates & their pets: Who will be the next First Pet?

And: Obama - no pets!


Haha, I think jakiesue said it right. So what if he had a little fling. At least that fling didn't cost trillions of dollars to defend!


My brother's friend was the one who ran over the dog!


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