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What a sweet face!

Sara J

I wonder hiow much they paid for her. She is really a sweet looking dog.


She's a cutie. I'm all for it if it helps with the inbreeding problem.


Can't keep up with all the "poo" mixes. Gotta admit, most of them are ridiculously cute! :)


Never heard of a Chipoo. Then again, many have not heard of Chinpoo, which is our dog's pedigree. Part Japanese Chin and part Poodle. He's pretty smart, which I figure must be the Japanese part, and pretty mellow, which I figure is the (French) poodle influence.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

Why do you suppose they're called Poo-dles in the first place? Do they smell of Poo?


No, that would be poop-dles.

Actually Poodles were developed by the Germans, not the French. They were called Pudels, the German word for puddles. A little history here.


We have both a purebred Lhasa and a mix breed Lhasa/Japanese Chin. The mix breed is very unique looking, and perfect for a guy like me who likes variety. But don't worry, I love both dogs equally.

I can see the differences in the mix breed whereas a lot of the guard dog/barking traits of the full-bred dog aren't apparent.


Poohuahua? That gets my vote!!! She is totally cute!!!

Robert's cousin has a large black labradoodle, he's a big goofy ball of curly black fluff with huge paws and a silly sense of humour, I love him.


How could you not love a dog with such an impressive pedigree, "Poohuahua" ...a dog of all sorts!


Unfortunately, in my experience, most of the designer dogs tend to be what we call "supermodel dogs." That is, pretty to look at, but not much going on up top, if you know what I mean.


I'm sorry...but that may be on of the ugliest dogs I've ever seen...looks like the results of the mating of a rat and a cat...


She's adorable! My Peanut looks like her. He's Chihuahua/? mix - maybe it's poodle. But I have to disagree with BunGirl. I have a Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) and he's very smart, catches on to everything very fast. And I have heard the labradoodles are also very smart.


Cute dog! I also have two chipoos. They are the best dogs I have ever owned and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Check out their pictures at www.chipoo.poodlemixes.org.

Miss Trashahassee

Poohuahua! Hoo-haha!!


Poohuahua...I love it...sounds very Hawaiian!


She sure is a cutie..


Pixie is a little darling.. no two ways about it. :-)

I think what bothers me most about the popularity of these "mixed breeds" is actually the breeders themselves. Many are the back yard variety that know little about genetics and have little in way of breeding experience. Most charge exorbitant fees for these dogs. The dogs.. I like. :-)

Darin ( Pixie's owner)

Hello everyone! Me and Pixie both enjoy all of yall's sweet comments! To answer your question threecollie we payed $200 for her at a flea market in the middle of no where.

Darin (Pixie's owner)

Im sorry jackiesue??? It looks like your outnumered on how adorable she is.

Steve Bartlett

Hate to be repetitive, but Jan has written about my 2-year-old Eskipoo named Lisa before. I got her as a puppy from a pet store, and she's been amazing. Absolutely no health or behavioural problems (except for alcoholism from hanging around pubs with me and an incurable taste for pub nachos). She has the best temperment I've ever seen for a small dog (loves everyone, especially strangers, and rarely barks except when someone knocks at the door). She's currently living with 10 cats and a black Lab cross that I got in July from a private rescue group (who's been excellent as well); she acts like she's the boss and the ten-times-bigger-than-her Lab lets her.

Darin (Pixie's owner)

Steve Bartlett- Pixie lives with a huge chocolate lab and 2 cats as well! She lovess to play with the cats and looks like she may annoy them haha. The lab is her body guard, hes protective over her, so funny!


Usually i'm more of a fan of larger dogs, but I have to say that Pixie is pretty cute.


That is one cute dog!


We have an adorable mix ( TEAKA ). We call her a Choodle!


I'm looking for a reliable & reputable Chi Poo breeder. Any leads?

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She is really a sweet looking dog.....


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