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Animal Lover

Hi there - regarding the PETA euthenasias, it is probably more accurate to understand the circumstances with which the animals are brought in to PETA. Their rates of putting down animals are higher because they take in more animals than other individual shelters. On top of that, the animals they take in are at death's door or so abused and neglected that their health/survival is precarious. They do examine the animals to see what their condition is and unfortunately PETA sees a huge percentage of animals that cannot be saved. So, they opt to humanely euthanize them. I think it is important to present all the information so that the whole picture can be represented.


With a $30 million dollar budget, I'm wondering why PETA doesn't have a fully equipped veterinarian clinic at its headquarters to give aid to these animals "at death's door." I have posted many stories about sick and abused animals brought to shelters who have received care and loving homes.


That is so sad and unnecessary. Why do they think they have to kill all of those creatures?


Despicable! Peta is nothing but a group of political eco-terrorists! They don't believe animals should be kept as companions and should fend for themselves in the wild. Every one is so blinded by Pamela Anderson's double d's to actually see what they are all about!


We cut three holes in our bedroom wall to save a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest into the wall cavity. We were gentle and patient - the whole process of extracting the bird took several hours. When we arrived at the RSPCA the caretaker dropped the little bird and then exclaimed "Stupid bird"!

I don't understand these 'so called' humane societies? Do they love to help animals or not?


Animal Lover, I work for an animal rescue group. I know how these things work. There is absolutely no way that 97% of the animals PETA takes in NEED to be euthanized. Even taking in the factors you mentioned, 50% would be a pretty high number. 90% or above is reprehensible no matter how you might color it. If you want PETA's take on the issue, and the rebuttal to it, check out this link: http://petakillsanimals.com/petarebuttal.cfm


On the "too sick to save" business.... The cats, kittens and dogs that were taken from a veterinarian in North Carolina in 2005, killed and thrown in the garbage were lovely, healthy animals. The perpetrators were only found guilty of littering, but those formerly healthy animals were sure dead. Thanks Jan!


Oh, don't get me started on PETA. Their tactics are more like those of terrorists than humane animal lovers. It's about time we started challenging their idiotic positions instead of running away from their powerful lobby. I will never give them one cent and neither should anyone else.


When I first read about their awful act of killing and then dumping strays in the name of "giving them a better life than living on the streets" I knew then why I never liked that organization. They do more harm than good to the name of treating animals ethically than any other organization I know of.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I really wish people would wake up and realize that PETA is a terrorist organization. I need to add a link to PKA as well. I did it once already, but I forgot to save it. Too much nip, I guess.


I am a vegetarian, a pet owner, and an animal lover in general and I find PETAs tactics very hard to swallow. Covering yourself in fake blood and protesting John Paul Gaultier might get some great media coverage but I don't think it is truly helping animals. I think they really miss the mark, which is unfortunate.

Gus and Louie

You need to get your Packer gear ready for this weekend..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


PETA...reminds me of stale bread and smelly cheese.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of PETA. Every article you see about them is always some over the top, self-rightous act that doesn't seem to make much sense.


I'm afraid too many people consider PETA harmless loonies instead of dangerous terrorists who want to hurt people and kill our pets.

Lynn Sinclair

I feel like I've been living under a rock--I had no idea about this. Glad I've never given them any money.


Wow - don't y'all realize where this info about PETA is coming from - an industry front group: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_for_Consumer_Freedom

It's sad to see people so easily mislead by companies...


I can't believe how many people there are who STILL believe that PETA and the Humane Society of the United States provide animal welfare services.

They don't.

They are lobby groups, interested only in putting forth their own animal rights agenda, which prefers theoretical care for animals to hands on work.

You want to donate to a group that actually WORKS, hands on, for homeless animals in need of care? Donate to the SPCA. Donate to breed rescue. Donate to Best Friends Animal Shelter.

PETA spends more per year on mascot costumes than most breed rescue groups fund raise in a year.


Actually, Joel, if you will read the post carefully, the information came from PETA. They reported on the number of animals they killed. The state of Virginia gave the percentage killed in other shelters.

The information on their current activities I got from their website.


I remember several years ago someone wrote an expose on the National Council of Churches which revealed that they are really a Communist front organization. The expose was published in READERS DIGEST and it finally opened a lot of people's eyes. Maybe a similar expose should be printed on PETA.

Gus and Louie

Those are some terrible statistics. We are sure with you getting the word out the statistics will definitely change next year...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Sure glad you got your Packer Gear ready!! We do too....

Turbo the Sibe

Thanks for this post. My Human, unfortunately, has had first hand experience with PeTA. We appreciate reading the truth when we find it. I would like to link to your blog.


I have been saying this about peta for years..when i found out they advocated killing all pittybull dogs that had been rescued as they said they were'nt trainable and were not to be trusted..so save them to kill them..yeah, that makes a lot of sense..I wouldn't give peta a red cent and tell everyone that thinks they are a great organization a ear full about what they REALLY do....thanks for the great post and helping spread the word..js


Who can you trust??


I am always concerned about any organization that is so extreme in it's philosophy. It is apparent to me that PETA is out of control. How it ever gained its recognizable "do-good" status is both scary and chilling.


hello jan.....wow this kind of stuff upsets me terribly!!! i mean, i can't take it!!!

it makes me want to go out and fight for such causes!!! what was that group that went around freeing lab animals?!?!?! how do i reach them?!?!?

i'm furious! i'm sharing the info with friends and posted the link to this posting on my blog about sustainability and healthy living at

thanks for the info and ..... what do we do now?


I know so well the feeling. They raise $30 million, and get a lot of
support from pet owners and celebrities who love their little doggies but
don't realize that PETA is against pet ownership, even guide dogs and
service dogs, because they think it is demeaning to dogs. Whatever that
means. My dogs live better than I do.

Whenever I do a post on PETA, I get a lot of people who didn't know what
they are about because the media shows them as animal experts or harmless
kooks, but what they do to pets is evil. For example they will release show
dogs from their cages so that they can run free--and get hit in traffic.
They release animals from sanctuaries and laboratories so they can get
killed in the wild. That sort of thing.

Just keep getting the word out and urge your readers not to support PETA or
the Humane Society of the United States, but to support their local shelter
or their local humane society and to do what they can to make it a no kill

This book, Redemption, has really opened my eyes about what can be done for
homeless pets. They don't have to be killed in shelters if the shelter is
run right.


You have really good blogs. Keep writing. Blog power!!!


In the Mike Vick case, both PETA and HSUS reccommended immediate euthanasia of all dogs seized, WITH NO EVALUATION WHAT SO EVER! Fortunately, clearer heads prevailed, the ASPCA reccommended the dogs be evaluated first, and were allowed to do so. The ASPCA found that ALL BUT ONE dog could be rehabilitated and adopted out to loving homes or into service. If PETA and HSUS had had their way, those dogs would have never gotten a second chance. Tell me, what is humane about that?!?!?


Thank you very much for posting this, as it's been a cause of mine for a while. It breaks my heart to see the photos released of the animals killed by PETA, then heartlessly dumped into trash bags. I myself rescued a pet, got him medical treatment, and he's repaid me with MUCH love and companionship. I can do this and I am not a millionare. I fail to see why PETA can't do the same.

And to the first post by AnimalLover, I appreciate your post and your opinion, but please dig a little deeper. There were many documented cases where animals were taken directly from a shelter by PETA members straight to a van in the parking lot and killed (I refuse to use the term euthanised in this case). They would have been no time for these animals to have a check-up before this happened, and the shelter owners were under the assumption the animals were being taken by PETA for PLACEMENT.

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