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Michelle L

Excellent song and wonderful connection to the song-I loved every song on "The Stranger" album. My personal favorite was "Scenes from a Italian Restaurant" (at least I think that was the title!)

BTW, Clueless-LMAO! My ex was named (by me, to myself) BDU; short for big,dumb and ugly

Andy D

Forget the comedy, go for the country song. I think you could sell that somewhere (it has to be better than some of the other stuff I have heard). Good luck with the challenge.

jayne d'Arcy

That's a song I've always loved to hear. I'm glad you were able to see the humor in this memory. It's given you a great outlook on life.


Oh I like your song selections. I have way too many songs that I can zone into and forget about my present surroundings. Very dangerous, I know. I consider it a gift.


I went to the site to read and then vote for you, no matter what I read......I can't figure out where to go or how to vote. Jan, I had 2 clueless idiots. Makes me wonder about my own cluelessness sometimes. If there was a song titled "Don't let the door hit your a** and the dog is MINE".....that's what lyrics would be going thru my mind.


that's a good story.


what a great story...and i love the song....I have a memory 'twang' when i hear midnight at the oasis..but it revolves about sex, the back seat of a convertible and oh well..never mind..


I would love to see this a comedy routine.


Wow, the poor children must have been terrified! *rolls eyes*

Clueless indeed.

Fuzzy Logic

OH dear... not a dark house.. I chuckled out loud when Schopi led you to the girlfriends house.. it probably wasnt' funny at the time, though.


It's good you see the humor in your ex!


Great story, great song, and a great name for the X. :-)


Clueless is cheating, but you're reproached for the dark home? You know what, you're better of without someone that thick-skulled.


BTW I forgot to comment about the song. This BJ song was my inspiration for moving out of my parents' home. It reeks of independence for me.

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