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oh jan,what a great story..and what a great little dog...beagles are the cutest puppies..we had one when my sons were 5-6 years old...we named her fannie farkle...


Now I have to tell you a story.
I grew up with a Beagle named "Elmer".
For 10 years,he slept at the foot of my bed,and tracked me down wherever I was..I mean literally.
It was nothing for him to come walking into my classroom at school.The teachers all knew him,and he really was the only dog allowed in class,sitting quietly by my chair.
My mom would attach notes to his collar,"Dinner is ready"..and let him out the front door.Wherever I was,he'd find me.I went into the Army at 17,and during my enlistment he died.
I loved that dog.I guess I'm just sayin' I understand what you mean.


Oh, Jan....you told the story of Penny my very first doggie. She went to a farm too with Uncle Bill who wasn't my uncle. I still have pictures of her in our bedroom. You brought back so many memories...I am crying.


That's a lovely story. Glad that Kim has found a good home.


Awww...that's such a bittersweet story. It sounds like her second family loved her, and who knows if she would have found such a good home if you hadn't been her go-between.


Such a good story, Jan. This is a perfect illustration of why even good owners sometimes have to give up dogs - not because they're selfish, but because the dog could do better someplace else, someplace more suited to them. It's also a good illustration of why people need to choose breeds based on more than just how 'cute' they are.

A few years back, I did classes on "Finding the Perfect Puppy" at our local Y with a trainer friend. Over and over again, people who lived in our suburban community would talk about how they wanted a Border Collie, or a JRT. We'd explain that a good Jack should dig and bark, and a good BC should be active and restless. Your beagle was lucky to find a home that could encourage her natural hunting abilities, instead of punishing her for them.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

That is a very sad story. My bean's first cat was named Puffy. She get her as a kitten when she was four years old (my bean that is). She had to take him to shelter after her parents get divorced because they could not have Cat in the apartment they moved into. Very tough, lose your father and your Cat, same time. She still miss Puffy.


Aww Jan. Kim was lucky to have been found by your family so she could find her forever home out in the country.


What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it. I can relate. Thinking about my own first dog still makes me well up and it's been almost 3 decades since her death. She was a chocolate brown chihuahua who loved me unconditionally and more than she loved anyone else in the world. I've never had a small dog since.


What a touching story. I was once considering being a "foster" home to dogs, but I couldn't imagine having to give them to someone else, even if it would be for the better.


Bless you for realizing the kindness in letting go. Beagles are such cute little guys but not the easiest dogs to live with. I once had a Beagle named Ringo. I still remember his heellllloooooooooo.


BTW Beagles are one of the few dog breeds featured in Star Trek.


That is so sweet...your dad driving home when you lost your first dog...and hard for you about Kim.


I love this story. I can imagine it exactly as it must have happened. It’s so poignant too.

I liked your use of the word ‘producing.’ Ha! “How has your day been so far?” “It’s been pretty ‘producing’ up to now.”

Gus and Louie

That is a great story. Kim is much happier now that she has a farm to play on and other beagles to play with. We want to get a farm so bad so that we heelers and do what we were bred to do.. Herding cats just isn't the same as herding cattle or sheep...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


Aww... How sad.. I'm sorry.

I wouldn't want to see her again either, probably. I couldn't bare it.

Robert had to part with his dog Sasha when he moved about 10 years ago, and he's never forgiven himself or got over it deep down, I think. He still sighs when he sees her photo in the den. I know I'm woman number 2. ;-)



That is so neat that your Dad drove three hours home to build a little casket for your darling little Mickey! He is "Super Dad"!!!
Heart warming and sad at the same time Jan!
Loved it, and thanks for sharing!


Now you've made my cry, just remembering all my dogs over the years. This was absolutely lovely, Jan!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

This post brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my furry friends right back to my first little dog Bouncy. I got her when I was only 3 and she never left my side.


What a bittersweet story. Sometimes true love is letting go.

I had a similar situation as a teenager with my little poodle named Pepe. Unknowing to me, while at uni, my folks found Pepe a new home. It was for the best I guess.

I'll never forget Pepe! ;)

Thanks for sharing,


Awe... At least she had a happy life with her new people. Your dad sounds like hes quite a guy.

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