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What a wonderful story below about the 2 dogs going to Iraq. And of course your dogs are so perfect, as we are, that no resolutions are necessary. But cats on the other hand......we have 3 of them in our house and all of the above should be applied to them also. Happy New Year!
Abby & Rosie (and the 3 pesky cats Jackie, Gidget and Fritz)

Fuzzy Logic

oh perfect! By any chance do you think you might get my cat to participate in this list?


annie says your cats a pussy...


OMG I laughed so hard at this.....what a hoot!


us dogs have only one new years' resolution.
1. run faster, jump higher, bark louder
yes, we're perfect.

Miss Trashahassee


Where do you get this stuff! ROFL!

Miss T


Miss T

I'm actually just the typist for the dogs.


Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

This was fun ... and my laugh for the day!

Have a very Happy New Year Jan from me and mine to you and yours!

Chelle B.

I can add another..

I will remember to wait until the humans aren't looking to strip an ornament off the tree and entice the puppies to chew it up so it looks like they did it!!



Sounds like the cat needs to "Hiss" and make up with the dogs!


Sophie read this....she is a little, tiny bit upset.....you suggest taking away all of her fun and she will never bow to the wishes of a dog.


I hope you don't mind if I read this aloud to certain cats here at Northview.....

Steve Bartlett

My cats have decided that my two dogs need a list of their own:

1. I will not bark at people walking past the house.
2. I will not bark at leaves blowing in the street.
3. I will not bark at the garbage or recycling collectors.
4. I will not park when the tree branches blow in the wind.
5. I will not bark when the shed doors rattle.
6. I will not bark when squirrels run across the roof.
7. I will not bark when the whistling kettle whistles.
8. I will not bark when I hear a siren five miles away.
9. I will not bark when a car horn honks.
And most importantly:
10. I will not grab cats by the tail and drag them around the living room just to hear them make really cool noises.


lol! My cats can learn a lot from this.

Gus and Louie

That is great. We have 2 cats that need to learn these rules!!! Those retractable claws always seem to be flying at Louie and I.. We don't understand why they don't like us stepping on them... Sissy cats anyway...

Gus and Louie

Lynn Sinclair

"I will not weave around feet in the hallway or on the steps even though it does cause some excitement."

My cat needs to add this one to her own list of resolutions.


Can't wait to hear the cats reaction to these resolutions. Happy New Year!!!

jayne d'Arcy

I think this is a great resolution list, lol. Happy New Year to you, the dogs, the magpies and everyone else!


This is great! Your dogs sure know cat behaviour, Jan. Happy New Year to you and your family!


Alice needs to study this list. Especially the resolution regarding the stampeding herd of buffaloes!


hehe must read this to my cat! LOL

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

But I AM psycho cat from hell!

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