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maybe she should just keep them both. (I mean, that's what I would do.)


Mom! Get packing! Road trip to Georgia!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

They are an odd couple, but maybe they will find homes together. My Bean had a poodle and a bulldog at the same time, so I don't think it's all that strange.


Awww! Hope these two get adopted together!


Awww. That's so awesome, I hope they can find a home together.


The foster mom should keep them both. What's one extra dog? Especially a well-behaved one.


I could not separate those two, if it were me. There must be somebody who see the Lady and the Tramp in their relationship, and adopt them both.

I have two dogs. Only this morning I was thinking how close they were, how completely bonded. And how, as difficult as it is in a small house with big dogs, I could not separate them...they would suffer far too much.


Awww - that is the sweetest thing I've read all day. I hope they can stay with each other & have a long happy life together.


That's so sweet those two hooked up.


What a sweet couple! I do hope they can stay together.


I hope they get adopted together!


I am really hoping for a happy ending to this story. If I could.. I would take them both.


keep both of them, i have had a poodle and now have a staff, and both of mine would have got on. my poodle was just like this poodle and my staff is brown dark. they are and always will be the best animals in the world

keep them

Cynthia Blue

He he yeah keep them both.. I have five because I have a hard time giving up fosters! :)

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

I am hoping for a happy ending! What a cute couple they make - how could anyone choose one and not the other?


I wish our 2 dogs got along that well. The 7 year old just tolerates the puppy, while the puppy just wants to hang with her all the time.


The 2 have bonded so closely, she should make it a stipulation that both be adopted together.


I hope it's a happy ending for both of them! Keep us updated!


I see a lifetime movie about this..'poodly and pitty'...

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