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This is just too funny. :-)
Poor Kismit.


I would never have thought to keep the rolls out of the dog's reach. But now I will.




Poor Kismet! Those poor owners too! They really will eat anything sometimes huh?!


Oh my gosh! This is unbelievable. Kismet sounds more like a goat than a dog ;-)


that is a hilarious story. the moral is, Do NOT leave any food where your dog can reach it. Duh.


At least it was not a pork roast! This happened to my in-laws years ago when they had a female Elkhound-Keeshond mix named Sadie. She ate the entire roast while family was in another room and all was left was the plate and the string tying the roast hanging out of her mouth. So after the family ate what Sadie did not eat for dinner, they loaded up the truck and headed home, 2 hours away. The trip home was stop and go all the way. Sadie would burp and pass gas and whine to get out of the truck... so she could "unload" The 2-hr trip took almost 3 and a half hr to drive and, at the end, everyone was sick from Sadie's exhaust. That was the last time my MIL would leave food on the kitchen table unguarded.


I laughed so hard at this! So glad it didn't happen to me!


oh that is hysterical...dogs...don't cha just love 'em

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I do not know. This has all the earmarks of "urban legend" on it, but I could not find anything on it anywhere. Did this happen to a friends dog, or a friend of a friend, or was it an e-mail send around?


Urban legend was my first thought too, but apparently it was written in a newsletter and now is subject of emails. There is nothing in it that I found that could not have happened, including the necessity of scrubbing the poop
off of concrete with a brush.


That was funny!

One of my dogs ate six pounds of dog food and about a gallon of water. She looked like she swallowed a basketball. We had to bring her to the vet, fortunatly, she started barfing up the food on the way down to the vet and she ended up no worse for the wear. We put dog food in a plastic bin now.


True or not....funny funny funny.....especially if you have dogs. I never would have believed anyone had they told me the reason they didn't have their homework was because "the dog ate it" was true until I had a dog that actually ate my kids homework more than once. How funny. Now the dog I have (Clancy) is a big fan of underwear so I am on a mission to not leave any out...clean or dirty!

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