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jayne d'Arcy

You did this challenge very well. I like this insight into you and from your posts that I've read, I think the word Rare does describe you well.


youll always be priceless to me

Miss Trashahassee

Rare is a great word, if you are a piece of raw meat.


You ain't expected no less from me, did you. Hehehehhee again.

I agree: rare is a perfect word for you, judging from what I do know about you from your blog, comments, etc.

I wonder what my one word would be? Other than "trashy"? It's OK. You can let me have it.


Miss T


LOVE. Love is both, an attitude and an emotion. As an attitude it is characterised as giving. As an emotion it is a warm, happy, feeling of ecstatic contentment. Love as an attitude is not contingent on being loved, but love as an emotion is contingent upon being loved. A person can choose to love or not love. I choose to love because that is the way to be loved.
I John 4:8, "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." I hope you like my T-shirt.


What a great post, Jan, and from all I've read on your blog it sounds like you certainly picked a good word. Now, you've got me thinking about the word I would choose for myself.


Nice choice of word. 'Rare' always has several meanings... we protect things that are rare, we collect things that are rare, and we spend money on things that are rare.

So as rare, you're a well-protected, highly possesed valuable person.


I like that you think of yourself as rare. I would agree.

My word is "weed" - not wanted, not pretty, but you can't get rid of it. thrives in the worst of conditions. a survivor. persistent. resilient. can even make a flower if left alone to flourish.


Nice post...good word...mine would have to be hard. Hard headed, hard to please, hard to get along with. lol


Really good choice....you are rare in many ways...your total caring for animals, standing firm, crying over a guinea hen, choosing to read my blog.

I think my word or a choice of several words that might be me....

Duke of Earle

Rare indeed. A thoughtful, caring, and grammatical person.

Too rare, IMHO.



Oh nice. I like what you did with this topic! **HUGS!!**


Good word Jan! Hmmm I think if I had to pick just one (which is difficult) I would pick Faith. A lil faith will go a long way...even if you lose your faith you can get it back again...being faithful has its rewards...and really, faith has gotten me pretty far in life.


What a fun post! Of course, I had to go look up the Mystery Topic Challenge... I'll be in for #4 when it comes around!

dog agility equipment

Thanks for posting. ;) RARE, indeed.



Hi all. Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.
I am from Bolivia and learning to read in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Sweden has general or kinetic short buildings of sons, popular officials, know weeks, and rail billboard."

With love :-(, Lincoln.

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