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Where will this stop? it seems every few months there is a new worlds smallest dog. And small horses are useless.


Those are cool animals! : )

jayne d'Arcy

No animal is ever useless. I'll bet the traveling horse brings a lot of smiles to peoples faces and no doubt the owner of the smallest dog thinks it is the best dog in the world.


I have heard that those tiny tiny dogs, and probably horses too, have so many medical problems that stem from being bred so small, that their lives are very short and probably full of illness. And for what purpose??? I don't get it.


Hmm.... I am not sure what to say about this. Humans seem driven to "design" animals for a variety of reasons.

Miss Trashahassee

I was in a fabric store once and and a lady pushed her cart into the aisle I was in. She left the cart in one spot as she browsed the bolts of calico, but I summoned her loudly when her purse began to sort of flop around, which is quite unusual for a purse.

Turns out she had a teeny-weeny little dog in there. That dog was the cutest thing and had been taking a nap. She sat upright in the purse with her little head peeping out for the remainder of her visit in the fabric store.

If I ever get an "inside the house" dog, it's going to be one like that.

Miss T


I've seen miniature horses before, but nothing like this one! In fact, it's too amazing for me to grasp.


I would be so afraid to have such little dog around. It is impossible to play with it, cuddle it, sleep with it, or just let it roam the house. You have to always know where the dog is; otherwise you might hurt it by accident!


They are tiny aren't they! I'd be afraid of accidently stepping on the chihuahua if she were mine! I'm sure these animals have loving families ~ here's hoping they live long and happy lives.


We have minatures around the corner. They are so adorable. I wonder what medical issues this little one might have.


When it comes to man's tampering with Nature, the phrase, "a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing" comes to mind.


I love Thumbelina, so cute!


wow..that's kinda scary......


They are both so cute, but I have to admit if the dog was in my house I'd be terrified of stepping on it or something. It's sooooo tiny.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you


Both of them are so cute..... it's just like my sweet little horse. I take a good care of him and brought skid boots for him

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