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Oh noo!! Shara's still only up to 2 this summer, thankfully. She eats all the evidence, except feathers. No body to be found.. Maybe she hid it under the desk. I did look ALL over.


Hello, my name is rosemary doe. I live in Malaysia as well...maybe we are related. I have a cat named Fuzzie. He goes outside in a play pen. It used to be 4 sided but I folded it into 3 and put it up against the slider so he could go in and out. In the summer water dripped from the roof above the pen and pooled inside. Pine Siskins would hop in between the folded sections to drink the water knowing full well the cat was in the pen. Fuzz caught a whole lot of birds for me...we put a water bowl outside the pen so the stupid birds would not go into the pen. They didn't get it. I figure your dogs and my cat are doing a service....not sure what kind but a service anyway. They should get cookies all of them.


Hi Jan, hope you're not in trouble with the law over this incident. They won't charge you with being an accomplice I hope! Thank you for a throughly delighful and entertaining read- I can picture your little Timmy and the rest of your brood acting innocent-like and proud of their 'acheivement'. I wish I had something clever to say but words fail me this morning! Our dogs have a fear of policemen. We threaten 'a ride in the paddy wagon' for naughty behaviour. I have a feeling such a threat would not impress your guys.

Sharon Lynne

I will never look at a poodle the same way again. You never know what's going on inside their innocent looking heads!

A fun post!


I wondered if they would keep their guard dog routine after Charlie left. I guess once a dog tastes power, it can never go back to being a wimp dog.

Lonie Polony

I remember screaming and crying with horror, running in to my mum when one of my dogs started chasing a bird with a murderous gleam in his eye. Coincidentally, that was in Malaysia. No, really.

Simply Jenn

Hilarious! At least they never ate Charlie.


That was a fun read. My dogs went after a mouse the other day, so at least I know if I get one in my house, I won't need a cat.


bush did it


Fantastic! Very funny! This is truly a great read and this story is typical of the reason that I read this blog. You can check the stats, I check for new stories probably three times every day.


I am absolutely astonished! That is an amazing dog.


Phew...good thing you live in Malaysia. Hopefully the authorities will leave you and your dogs "with good verbal skills" alone!


Serial Magpie murderers!...Oh,that's funny! :)

Mad goat lady

Too funny..I'm sure it wasn't the dogs fault...it never is LOL


OMDog. we're horrified.

(secretly, we have been stalking those parrots for 4 years now...)


Little Timmy will have to plead "Not guilty" because of genetics. Poodles were originally hunting dogs, so Timmy can't help himself. I think a good attorney would get him off if he's ever charged.


I can so relate to your distress. This spring, my darling little Shih Tzu, Coco, unexpectedly cornered a bunny rabbit in our yard. The memory of the flurry that erupted still causes me to shudder. My sweet little Coco actually shook the little bunny. The bunny managed to get away but I will be forever haunted by the memory of that primitive look in my sweet Coco's eyes and the tiny spot of blood on his chin. This has been our very dark secret up until now. Thank goodness we can finally fess up.
p.s. Coincidently .. we also live in Malaysia.

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Do you remember the "I feel like chicken tonight" commercial on TV several years ago? I swear my Shih Tzu would dance around the cockatiel's cage singing that!

Charlie dog (the so called poodle terrorist)

I just love to chase the birds and being a rough, tough kinda poodle any other animal that moves as well. Us Poodles are built for speed and agility, and will prove it any chance we get.

Good going chaps!!!!!!!!!


Charlie boy


This was just great! Really well done and very entertaining, Jan.

It's so funny that the dogs are now hiding their murderous deeds...in Malaysia!


That is one of the best posts, I've ever read! What happens in Malaysia stays in Malaysia!!!LOL!!!


Good grief, if it was the Frenchies, I'd be looking out to see them being pursued across the yard a la Alfred Hitchcock.

Magpies are annoying. Good doggies!

Janey Loree

Now I KNOW what happened in Malaysia! Very good writing Jan!! I laughed til I was doing the wee wee dance!!!


sweet disposition, well behaved, low predator drive.
Is this the same magpie killing stud muffin you're talking about here????
I couldn't imagine a tiny little poodle taking out a big bad magpie. Just goes to show that it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog

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