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Simply Jenn

Great story about someone who truly loved his dog. Great story about Lincoln too!


Aww...that is just a great story! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this great story!!!

It shows a clear picture that Lincoln had a heart of compassion that opened itself to treat his dog as a true "family member," to go so far as to leave a couch with the family to ease his dogs transition into the lives of his new family.

Always love all your animal stories.


jayne d'Arcy

Wow! I never knew Lincoln had a dog.

Sophie Brador

Well how about that. Here in Canada, Fido makes us think of dogs and cell phones. www.fido.ca
Only look if you want to see cute pictures of dogs. Their cell phone plans are not so great. In fact, no cell phone plans in Canada are great. it's way too expensive. I need to send Sophie in to lobby on this issue.


That's an awesome story. And there is nothing wrong with a dog named Fido :-)


Good doggie rules to live by.....


I've always liked President Lincoln, and this is one more reason to add to the list. good stuff.


Thanks for that. It shows a side of Lincoln I had never seen.

In my book, a person who mistreats an animal is capable of any wickedness.

BTW I also think Fido is a great name for a dog.

Miss Trashahassee

What a cool story!

Miss T


I was unaware of Fido & Lincoln. Great story. Behind every great man is a loyal and loved doggie!


wow..how cool is that..?

Jason Tuohy

What the above story does not mention is that Fido was also assinated not long after Lincoln. Someone had fed him food with crushed glass in it and died a painful death.

Ellen Jackson

Actually, Fido was only one of the dogs Lincoln owned. (And, by the way, Fido wasn't fed glass, he was stabbed). Lincoln was unusually kind to animals. In fact in those days, people made fun of him for rescuing birds or a pig (he did both) and for caring about animals.

Ellen Jackson, author


Haha nubface!!!! This website stinks!!!!


This is a really cute story.Oh,and stinkypig, don't call people nubface,that just shows how immature you are.So,I suggest you should just shut your mouth and think about what you say.

P.S. Stinkypig is a great name for you because that is who you really are.




The name "Fido" comes from the Latin word "fidelis" which means faithful. Perfect dog name, don't you think?


Lincoln subsequently was uncommonly type to creatures. Actually in those times, people made fun of him for saving wildlife or a pig and for looking after about creatures.

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