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I wonder about her when I'm in a fowl mood. Thanks for the update!

Simply Jenn

I'm so glad to hear that you still feel Charlie. You have amazing relationships with animals.


That's really neat that there's a place like that for them.

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

Thank you for the update ... I often think of Charlie!!

Bailey, Baxter, Brody & Peg

we have wondered about Charlie also. it would be so cool if she would come back to visit you someday. thanks for posting about her. we miss her too! but we want her to have a good life, doing whatever guinea fowl do, without being harrassed by humans.


when i was a kid my granny had guineas and banty's..meanest animals on this green earth..


It is rare that I visit here without remembering Charlie. Thank you so much for this update. :-)

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