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I may eat no other food.

Fuzzy Logic

Ah... bliss.

I heard someone once refer to dark chocolate only as "vasodialators"... sounds like it ought to be good for you, right?

Try Dagoba chocolate.. not only does it have a cool Star Wars name, it's awesome and I think organic!


dark chocolate - yecckk. of course, i have to like milk chocolate, which is the bad stuff.


I too am a fellow lover and indulger in dark chocolate. The flavour is just so much more chocolately than its brother - milk chocolate. Now that we know dark chocolate and red wine are good for us, what will be next???

I'm trying to think of some other guilty pleasure of mine that I'd be happy to get the tick of approval. Do you think CD addiction could be viewed as positive to a person's health? ;)

As always a wonderful and warm post!!


ahhh...the Goddess is good...chocolate is good..

John Kaiser

And it can be even healthier if you get dark chocolate made with "Sweet Perfection" all natural sugar substitute. :-). I love the stuff.

Semavi Lady

OH, Dagoba!!

I liked the bars but for my budget, I am ISO my next encounter with Dagoba's Xocolatl.

I don't need it often but when I have it, it is deep breaths and slow sips, sublime!

Can we moan in the comments section? :)

Simply Jenn

Sadly a couple months ago I learned that dark chocolate gives me the worst migraines I've ever had in my life. How fair is that?


There's just no down side to this news, is there? Heaven, I'm in heaven......


I can see it now. I put a dark chocolate kiss on your skin and have the discipline to wait for it to soften and get melty, before I lick it off. Now it is your turn.


Hm, George, as sensuous as that sounds, no one has the discipline to wait for dark chocolate to melt.

Duke of Earle

Best news I've read today. But didn't I read somewhere that chocolate can be bad, or poisonous, for dogs?

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