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We've had some of these silly people try to impose their language at our shelter.The worst part is they think they are doing good things for dogs.


I totally agree with you!

Miss Trashahassee

You know, all that is crazy 'cause dogs don't even speak no english. We could call dogs "pigs" or "toads" or "sigmoid colons" an' they wouldn't even know. So what is the problem here. This is silly.

By the way, what language does dogs speak?

Miss T


say what????? good grief. I think we are getting way too PC. I was getting worried about calling myself their "mom" on mothers' day. I don't think the 3Bs care what I call them, just as long as we are all hangin' together.


eh yes and no.. the ONLY reason I prefer guardian is that right now pets are still considered "property" so they are up for grabs in divorces and legal disputes. If someone steals or kills my dog, then I would be reimbursed for "the cost" of my dog.. marked down for depreciation of course.

I could be wrong, but maybe this small change would help move a larger change from "property" to "living breathing creature who deserves respect"..

Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.


This is using meaningless names to confuse actual issues concerning ownership of pets/animals. If people would just call a spade a spade, things would be a lot easier.


Silly...I am their mom, they are my kids, they do run the house, we do arrange our day around them, we pay the bills, they let us live here. Simple.


I love my dogs. I take good care of my dogs. I also bought my dogs...with money. Therefore I own them. I think.....

Simply Jenn

Besides what do we do with our pets? We pet them. Seems appropriate to me.


I read that the law regards pets as property (which could be a problem for pet lovers bringing lawsuits agains Menu Foods). Changing how you refer to them won't do anything to change the law. What's next? It's not a pooper scooper but a waste management scooper?????


Next we'll be having to call them canine-beings, rather than dogs or something equally weird. No, dogs is dogs, and people can call them what they like. They don't know any difference, unless we aren't loving them.

I call my cat 'puppy-dog' on occasion, as she acts like one.

Language is important, which is why we should stick with what works best. DOgs are pack animals, and need a heirarchy, and if they do indeed speak English, they still need to remember who's boss, and 'owner' is a good word for 'boss' as far as I know, in any language.


I couldn't agree with you more. Political correctness has risen to a new depth.


All I want to do is snort and then laugh at the suggestions.

I'm sorry but it all seems silly.


Good grief!

Dog Training

What absolute rubbish. This sort of comment goes hand in glove with people that buy their dogs human clothes to wear and feed them human food. My dogs are my dogs and yes they are my companions but I am their owner and they are dogs. This sort of rubbish is what causes dogs to lose their identity.
dog lover


Ok ok.. so I get that changing words doens't change the law but it might change perspective...

and as far as feeding "human food" goes, some dogs will thrive more on that than plain ol kibble... not to get off topic, but I don't find that part silly at all.. just my two cents.

Cynthia Blue

Well... I had to post about this on my blog, because I disagree. :) I prefer to be a dog guardian than owner! http://www.tiptail.com/2007/05/15/pet-owners-or-guardians/


yeah, I will start calling my cat my feline companion when I start refering to people like her as a**holes instead of well meaning..hmmm, that's not a bad idea..hahah

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

To quote a well-known canine, "Good Grief Charlie Brown!" What will we call our dogs - people guardians?? Anyway ... I am a dog lover when it comes to the nitty gritty I guess. Imagine the confusion that will cause the PC proponents!

Miss Trashahassee

An' so the consensus is we gonna call them "sigmoid colons" and call it day. Sounds good to me.

What is the official dog theme song? Is it is english.

Miss T


Dog Beds

In our family we look at our dogs as part of our family...My dad called them baby like his own kids...Me and my brother treat our dogs like siblings...they share same happiness like relatives and friends...and they are much loyal than them...

Animal Rights Activist

I am with schnoodlepooh on this.
Although changing our language maybe isn't so important it could help animals in the long end. What is important is that we stop seeing animals as property, I don't care if you call them pets, farm animals,... as long as you do not see them as property (what would at least make the term farm animal pretty pointless).

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