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yeah, I think I'll stick with poodles.

Miss Trashahassee

That's plumb ugly.

That dawg ugly, too.

Miss T


Which one is Hercules?


Good thing he's got such a big owner. Just in case he starts to pull on the leash. ;)

Dirty Butter

And they say pets and owners begin to look alike? Proof text!! Thanks for posting the real Hercules. I'm not so sure there would be a whole lot of difference if he were posed like the fake shot, do you?


At least half of those excuses will cover my beagle/basset mix and he's only knee high and 60 pounds.

Simply Jenn

Wow! My two Shepherds together are only half as big as that dog. I thought they were a whole lotta dog.


Actually some of those apply to Violet and Penny both....As the saying goes....no outfit is complete without a few dog hairs...in particular on my butt.


ROFLOL!!! Actually though, there are great reasons to own a Newfie, and I'm sure either or the other breeds, but only if you have plenty of room and plenty of patience. Thanks for the laugh though!


Wait, is that the fake dog picture again? I can't tell.


Now that is one big dog!! :-)
For the first time in over 20 years I have a medium sized dog (rather than a small one) and believe you me.. that is plenty of dog for me. :-)


you guys are crazy. look at number THREE. if u truly like dogs, than their all cute to u. FYI, I THINK HERCULES IS NOT UGLY AT ALL. HE HAS A BIG LOVABLE OAF LIKE CHARM ON HIS FACE.


That is a freaking AWESOME dog!!!! And even though all those reasons are true, owning a big dog (mine is only 125 nothing to sneeze at though) is worth all the hassle. Thank God mine doesn't drool though lol, that's one of the only one's she doesn't fit up there.

I'm giggling over here, I loved this post and the picture.


The dog is cute but Biggggggggggggg...


very wise of them to end the largest dawg catagory. they were afraid people would stuff their dogs to win it. herc looks a bit overweight


Haha the owner is only 270 lbs, the dog outweighs him!


no doubt this dog is on steroids and so is his owner


I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Barrie (St Bernard owner)

can no one see this is cruelty, that dog is far too overweight...


I don't like it and I don't get it:[!!!!!

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